Park Avenue Trail and Courthouse Towers

Park Avenue Trail - An Easy Hike In Arches National Park, Utah Park Avenue Trail Utah

January 2010 - The Park Avenue Trail is one of the first attractions for visitors in Arches National Park. This relatively easy trail goes through a canyon floor with views of massive fins, balanced rocks and various desert scenery. The trail is one mile, beginning at the Park Avenue Viewpoint parking lot and finishing at the Courthouse Towers Viewpoint parking lot. Thus, this makes a two-mile hike round trip. If you don't want to walk each way, you can park a vehicle in each parking lot and shuttle yourself.

Arches National Park
My Hike - Park Avenue Trail

January 1, 2010 - The sun finally came out by the early afternoon on New Year's Day 2010. I was itching to leave the center of Moab and do any kind of hike, no matter how short. This first photo was taken as I approached the Park Avenue Viewpoint area on the main road.

Arches National Park

Park Avenue Trail

This was a cold hike! The temperature was only in the 10s but at least the sun was out.

Adjacent are two photos that include the trailhead sign.

Courthouse Towers The large cliffs, red rocks and fins surrounding this particular canyon are known as the Courthouse Towers.

On the left at the beginning of the trail is a rock sitting conspicuously on a vertical spire. The name "Balanced Rock" is already taken in the park, but I suppose this could be another Balanced Rock. Adjacent are two photos giving perspective. Who knows how long that rock will sit there!

Park Avenue Trail Inside the snowy canyon floor.
Courthouse Towers I do not know much about geology, but notice the varying horizontal layers in that red rock.
Courthouse Towers

Courthouse Towers

Two photos of red rocks on the east side of the canyon.
Arches National Park So pretty!
Arches National Park It looks as though a huge slab of orange rock sat between these two fins.
Park Avenue Trail

Park Avenue Trail

Two views as I came out of the canyon and approached the road.

The snow on the desert floor was beautiful indeed, but boy, was it cold! I live in a small Colorado town that has many frigid winter days. Honestly, I was hoping for a break even if it only reached the 30s or 40s. Well, I had no luck during my visit.

Three Gossips The trail offers many great spots to photograph the "Three Gossips." :)
A tall red rock wall across the street at the end of the trail.
Steve On the road. It was a great afternoon to be in southeast Utah!

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