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Palmer Park
Palmer Park Colorado Springs

Palmer Park is a great example of how parks and open space can be a huge benefit to a city. Located in the heart of Colorado Springs, Palmer Park is an excellent choice for jogging, walking the dog, hiking, mountain biking, relaxing in nature or enjoying a stunning view at an overlook. (I'm sure I've omitted many other activities.)

Directions: Obviously a Google Maps search of Palmer Park Colorado Springs will do the trick. The main entrance is located on Maizeland, west of Academy Boulevard. Paseo Road also travels into the park. Lastly, there is access via Austin Bluffs Parkway and Brenner Place.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

Palmer Park Colorado Springs Photos - March 2012

I did not hiking or adventuring on my most recent visit, but here are my photos.

First, the sign at the entrance at Maizeland.

Palmer Park Plenty of twisting and turning roads with tan rock outcroppings. Palmer Park offers quite a contrast to the busyness of Colorado Springs.
General William Jackson Palmer Grand View Overlook

I traveled to the Grand View Overlook, where there's an interesting sign that tells of the park's creation thanks to General William Jackson Palmer.

Palmer Park Overlook

Palmer Park Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak Colorado Springs

Four photos of the grand mountain views at the overlook.

TOP: Facing south, Cheyenne Mountain and downtown Colorado Springs are in view.
SECOND: The wide open view of Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs.
THIRD: Closer-up shot of Pikes Peak.
FOURTH: Facing northwest, Rampart Range are the mountains afar.

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    There are many area with interesting rock outcroppings. Near the Maizeland entrance is a dirt road that leads to these.

    Regarding the top photo, I can vouch that one can easily hike/climb to the top of the point right of center. Enjoy yourself, but don't be stupid. Gravity is not your friend should you fall. on Facebook

    Photos In 2002
    Palmer Park Colorado Springs
    These are very old photos. All I remember was starting at Brenner Place (at Austin Bluffs) and hiking on a trail that led to overlook with some rock outcroppings.
    Overlook at Palmer Park
    A beautiful view of Pikes Peak.
    Austin Bluffs and Union
    At this same overlook, I got a shot of the intersection of Austin Bluffs and Union with nearby homes. This photo was taken years before the overpass was built.

    Two Palmer Park Videos

    A guy walks his dog and shows the scenery.

    Fun mountain bike video.

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