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Paint Mines Interpretive Park - Calhan, Colorado

A Unique Place On The Eastern Colorado Plains
It's understandable one might think there's not much to see on the plains of eastern El Paso County. However, nestled in a hillside is a fascinating area of rock formations and hoodoos that definitely break up the monotony. The Paint Mines reminded me of Goblin Valley State Park in Utah and the Painted Desert in Arizona. There are trails and pretty overlooks. A casual scrambler will certainly enjoy the Paint Mines. There is no entrance fee. Go and enjoy!

Paint Mines, Colorado

Photos by Steve Garufi, a.k.a. "Colorado Guy" Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Orange and Pink
Paint Mines Interpretative Park
There's a section with tall hoodoos like this. Pretty nice. :)

White Rock Formations Paint Mines in Calhan, CO
Lots of opportunities for photos.

Overlook Paint Mines, Colorado
The view of the Paint Mines from an overlook. This is about 25 miles east of Colorado Springs.

Showing You Around

Not Too Shabby!

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