Ouray, Colorado

My Tribute Page To This Special Town In The San Juan Mountains

Ouray, Colorado - The "Little Switzerland of America"
Although I've visited Ouray many times, I'm disappointed to say that I've never created a quality page for this dreamy mountain town in the San Juans. Well, that changes today. On this page are my Ouray photos from a visit in July 2013.

Now, I do have photos and information about Ouray. I have a poorly-designed website (www.OurayLovers.com) with some content. Also, I've made pages for Box Canyon Falls, the scenic drive to Red Mountain Pass, Mount Sneffels, Bear Creek Falls and Dallas Divide. Of course, Telluride isn't that far, whether accessed through main roads or the 4WD route over Black Bear Pass.

Ouray, Colorado
Is Ouray the most scenic town in the entire state of Colorado? I think so. :)

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Ridgway Reservoir


July 13, 2013 - It was Saturday and I felt compelled to leave Fruita and Grand Junction. So I traveled south toward the San Juan Mountains.

Past Montrose on southbound U.S. Highway 550, I snapped my first photo of Ridgway Reservoir with the Sneffels Range in the distance.

Ouray, Colorado My bicycle was in my trunk, and I planned to bike Red Mountain Pass. Well, I hate to say this, but once I arrived in Ouray, I decided to make it an easy day. I merely biked in circles around the steep neighborhoods of Ouray.

This first photo was taken on Main Street. They've got some nice views behind the Antlers Motel, don't they? :)

Ouray, CO Beautiful mountains in all directions.
Ouray, CO Biking down a steep gravel road.
Ouray, Colorado The main avenue.
I sat in front of the hardware store. At this spot, I made a 180-degree video of the buzzing activity of Ouray.

Main Street in Ouray Another view of Main Street.
St. Elmo Hotel Lobby I peaked into the lobby of the historic St. Elmo Hotel. Look at that pretty Victorian decor!
Ouray Candy Ice Cream Parlor I stopped at the Ouray Candy and Ice Cream Parlor. :)
Steve in Ouray In all, I only biked six miles. The highlight may have been my video as I rode on Main Street.

Million Dollar Highway

Million Dollar Highway

Then I drove to Red Mountain Pass. From Ouray to Silverton, Highway 550 is dubbed the Million Dollar Highway. The mountain scenery is stunning!

Two photos as I drove ...

A stop at Bear Creek Falls.

Welcome To San Juan County

A little fun at Red Mountain Pass. Subscribe to my Colorado videos: youtube.com/kisscactus.

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