Colorado Guy Telluride, Colorado Christmas Lights
A Day at the 2007 Colorado Guy Festival

(Mountains, Waterfalls, Barbeque, Story of the Golden Goats Milk, Campfire) - September 2, 2007

Mt. Sneffels
Scott and Glenda
Morning Drive To Dallas Divide

In case you're a new visitor of this web site, every year I have an annual gathering where my friends and "regulars" on the discussion forums visit Colorado to spend some time for fun times and friendship.

This year, the 2007 Colorado Guy Festival was held in Ouray for five days and here are my photos of the first full day out there.

On Sunday morning, Scott, Glenda (adjacent photo) and myself woke up semi-early, drove to Dallas Divide and snapped photos of the Sneffels Range in the San Juan Mountains. You can see all of my photos here: Sneffels Range.

Box Canyon Falls Box Canyon Falls
Box Canyon Falls - Ouray, Colorado

After breakfast, we wandered about inside the town of Ouray and visited Box Canyon Falls. Folks, this is a really magnificent natural wonder that is worth the $2 admission.

It's a little tough to photograph, but the left photo is my best shot of the tall waterfall. The right photo shows the canyon's tall walls looking downward.

Colorado Guy Festival Steve The gang minus myself at the base of the waterfall (left) and I was not particularly happy that I was not allowed to go in the water. :(
Colorado Guy Festival Ouray, Colorado

San Juan Mountains
There's also a fairly short trail that leads to the top of the waterfall with a bridge.

The views of Ouray and the surrounding jagged and rocky peaks that the San Juan Mountains are particularly known for are pretty nice from up there.

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  • Cascade Falls- Ouray, Colorado
    Cascade Falls Cascade Falls Cascade Falls
    We then trekked over to Cascade Falls, a short walk from the main avenue in Ouray.
    Steve Colorado Guy Festival
    I think I was the only one to actually walk up to the base of the waterfall. It was nice! :)

    Colorado Guy Festival
    Colorado Guy Festival
    Colorado Guy Festival
    The Barbeque

    Ahhhhh! Then we had a nice barbeque in the afternoon. The annual barbeque has been known to attract a lot of publicity for various reasons, including being a magnet for Hair Consultant controversies in the past. Check these out:

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    TOP: Phil The Lurker (center) talks about whatever the heck he was talking about.

    MIDDLE: Telly Lisa, Jay and their kids attended! :)

    BOTTOM: Scott (left) looks on with a smile with the newly married Sarah and Jason.

  • Colorado Guy Festival Glenda, Judy ("Library Gal") and Kansas Kelly laugh!
    Colorado Guy Festival Kansas City Kelly (center) assess the picnic table and its content with Scott and Glenda beside her.
    Kansas Kelly Phil The Lurker Food ... YUMMY FOOD!

    Kansas Kelly cooked some nice beans for herself. (Thankfully, I did not sleep in her tent.)

    Phil The Lurker (right), seemed to be enjoying himself with a beer as he cooked the meat.

    Steve and Rhonda Rhonda (a.k.a. "Precious") has an annual tradition of running her hands through my hair at the festival. Isn't that awesome?

    This was Rhonda's third year of attendance in a row and we first met during the 2005 Colorado Guy Festival held in Northwest Arkansas.

    Colorado Guy Festival Phil did a lot of talking about the 2007 Hair Consultant election, how he lost so badly and that he thinks he would be a better H.C. right now over Pete. Again, he talked a lot about it and kept pointing out that quite a majority of attendees were people who had voted for him, not Pete. Telly Lisa (left) really stuck it to Pete quite a few times and what a nice shirt she is wearing there! ;)

    The Story Of The Golden Goats Milk
    Story of Golden Goats Milk Story of Golden Goats Milk Story of Golden Goats Milk
    I told The Story of the Golden Goats Milk to all of my friends when it became dark.

    Did you know that I have an exclusive discussion forum just for those who have heard The Story of the Golden Goats Milk? It is our own special club and we go in there and discuss all sorts of topics and aspects about the story! :)

    Late Night Campfire

    The last event on the agenda was the campfire.

    I have two other campfire and fire-related pages:

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  • Kansas Kelly Phil really did talk a lot, griping about this year's election. Good grief! Kansas Kelly (center) was not happy with all of his talking, but Glenda (left), voted for Phil and was agreeing with all of his points.
    Colorado Guy Festival
    Colorado Guy Festival
    Many of us hanging out in front of the fire.
    Colorado Guy Festival Rhonda Glenda and Kansas City Kelly eat a smore (left), while Rhonda (right) acts like she's in heaven eating hers. Good grief Rhonda ... IT'S ONLY A SMORE! :p)
    Smore Eating Me eating a smore.
    Kansas Kelly
    Kansas Kelly puts her marshmellow over the fire and Judy (bottom) seemed amused by her burnt marshmellow.

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