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Ocean Beach Fishing Pier - San Diego, California

Ocean Beach Fishing Pier January 27, 2007 - I spent the day with Judy in San Diego and we wound up at Ocean Beach. We thought walking on the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier might be an interesting thing to do. :)
Ocean Beach Fishing Pier Ocean Beach Fishing Pier Photos of each side of the gate and put them together.
Ocean Beach Fishing Pier Walking on the pier.
San Diego, California
San Diego Beach
Three photos. The beach, the ocean waves and a surfer who put on a show for us.

Fish People do fish on the pier. The guy on the left proudly showed off the fish he was catching and occasionally fed the large brown pelican (photos below). I also took a photo of the icky, slimy fish. :p)
Judy Near the small cafe on the pier, I got a nice shot of Judy. :)
Pelican Pelican This bird is known as a brown pelican. There were hundreds of these birds happily flying at La Jolla Cove a few days ago!
Ocean Beach Fishing Pier Another angle of the pier. I like the composition of this shot. :)
Steve and Judy Myself and Judy. We realized we didn't need to squat down for the camera, but among the many photos taken at this spot, this was the best! :)

Seashells on rocks

Disgusting Things We Found At The Beach

Ewwwwwwwww! Look at these slimy seashells! :o)

Steve at the beach
Bird Droppings on Railing Bird droppings on the railing of the pier.
Bird Dropping Whenever you're at the beach, beware of birds flying over! Here's an icky dropping that fell close to us on the pier.
What is that thing on the rock? :O on Facebook

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