Northeast Colorado Corner

The Northeast Colorado Corner Monument
If you're a fan of landmarks and happen to be driving on Interstate 76 in Julesburg, Colorado, I suggest a visit to the northeast Colorado corner. When you visit, you'll be the farthest away from the Four Corners Monument (where NM, AZ, UT, and CO meet) while still standing in the Centennial State.

Directions: From Julesburg, travel east on Interstate 76. Cross the Nebraska state line and turn south at exit 107 in Big Springs, Nebraska. Take that road about two miles south until it makes a hard left. At that point, you'll be driving along the Colorado / Nebraska border. Take it about 0.5 miles east and at the "T" intersection, the marker sits.

Northeast Colorado Corner
Oh yes, I felt as "northeasterly" as could be at the northeast Colorado corner. :)

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The Marker
Northeast Colorado Corner
Three quarters of it are in Nebraska, the southwest quarter is Colorado.

Interstate 76 Colorado


I'm not gonna lie: The scenery on Interstate 76 is underwhelming. :o)

This photo was taken somewhere in Sedgwick County, Colorado.

Nebraska State Line Tom and I made a stop at the Nebraska state line.

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    NE Colorado Marker

    I made a video as we got closer to the monument.

    It's simple plains scenery at the marker. I liked it.

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    Enjoying The NE Corner of Colorado
    Not Too Shabby!
    Eastern Colorado Scenery
    Nebraska State Line

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