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New York, NY This evening I was going through photos from my extended visit to New Jersey and New York this summer. In retrospect, I obviously made the right decision to spend as much time as possible with my Dad, for he died two months later in November.

There was one particular day in late August that I spent with my brother and sister-in-law in Manhattan. They have both resided in New York for much of their adult years and are quite the opposite of me ... at least in their lifestyle and geography they encounter on a regular basis. This page shows a large number of photos from our day.

Honestly, I doubt I could ever live in New York City. For instance, I am quite happy that Buena Vista, Colorado has only one traffic light ... and sometimes I think one traffic light is one too many! I need wide open spaces, a relaxed pace of life and mountains! Having said all this, it would be interesting to see what kind of photos I would post if I spent my life in a massive metropolis like New York! :)

All the best, Steve

New York City
New York City Buildings

In Manhattan, structures are vertical. They are not as dramatic as mountains, but it made my photography more interesting.

New York, NY

New York City

TOP: Heading south.

BOTTOM: A street corner somewhere in the mid-20's of streets.

New York City In far lower Manhattan, near the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry, is a historic building with modern buildings dwarfing over it.

Lyric Diner

Our first order of business was to have a late breakfast. Mark and Wendy took me to their favorite all-around restaurant, the Lyric Diner located somewhere in the 20's of streets. (My guess is 22nd St. and Fourth Avenue?)

Lyric Diner, NY

Lyric Diner, NY

Look at all of Mark's food and both of their beautiful pancakes! Sigh! Mark Wendy
A nice shot of the restaurant. Lyric Diner, NY
After a full day in Manhattan, we had dinner. We discussed going to an authetnic Chinese restaurant, or perhaps a great BBQ place, but instead we ended up back at the Lyric Diner!

Adjacent photo: Mark's matzo ball soup. Look at the size of that matzo ball! :)

Matzo Ball Soup

A photo of the neighborhood from the front window.

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  • New York, NY

    Manhattan High Point Manhattan High Point
    Manhattan High Point

    For a couple of weeks, I shared my passion about high pointing with Mark and Wendy, and our main order of business was to visit the Manhattan High Point. It is located in Hudson Heights, north of the George Washington Bridge.

    Manhattan High Point Me on the Manhattan high point.

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  • Don't Honk We walked around the neighborhood. I thought this sign, warning of a $350 fine for honking, was noteworhty.
    George Washington Bridge A nice view of the George Washington Bridge and Hudson River. New Jersey is across the waterway.

    New York City Waterfalls

    We visited a section of the Lower East Side that overlooks the East River. I don't know all the details about it, but there are some manmade waterfalls in New York City. Read the adjacent sign to read more details.

    New York City Waterfall New York City Waterfalls
    Two photos of the Manhattan Bridge.

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    And two more photos of the Manhattan Bridge as I walked toward ... Manhattan Bridge

    Manhattan Bridge

    ... the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge

    New York City New York City
    Mark and Wendy's Tiny Apartment

    Mark and Wendy live in a teeny tiny apartment in Manhattan. It is one long and thin room with one window on the kitchen side and a small bathroom on the other side.

    Adjacent Photos: Mark stretches out his arms (left) to show how narrow the apartment is. In the right photo, I am standing with my back against the bathroom door on the opposite side of the room. Among the two of them, they do not have a closet!

    New York City Backyard Steve I climbed out of the window to view their "backyard" as I stood on the fire escape.
    Mark spent 18 months traveling and backpacking throughout Asian countries. Some of his amazing photography is up on his walls.

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  • Mark and Wendy Love their artistic parking garage below!

    Extra Photos

    We drove on West Drive and passed Ground Zero. That open space is where the World Trade Center was located.

    Ground Zero
    A photo of old Yankee Stadium as we ... Old Yankee Stadium
    ... drove on the Harlem River Drive. Harlem River Drive
    A picture of lower downtown as we rode away on the Staten Island Ferry.

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