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A Day In Northwest New Jersey - Delaware Water Gap Region

Photos Of Appalachian Trail, Delaware River, CJ's Drive-In, Town of Buttzville, NJ Highways

New Jersey August 10, 2008 - Huh? New Jersey?! Yes, I am currently typing this from New Jersey on the east coast. There are no captivating views of Colorado's mountains on this page, but I did my best in northwest New Jersey to come up with decent pictures.

Believe it or not, New Jersey is known as the Garden State, but anyone who has traveled through much of the northern and central parts of the state knows this is a hilarious nickname. Granted, southern regions of the state have some very beautiful places. The best thing going for New Jersey in the summer is its 100+ miles of coastline. The state has quite a variety of beach towns that offer gambling (Atlantic City), quaint Victorian areas (Ocean Grove & Cape May), relaxed and laid-back getaways (Long Beach Island) and some happening boardwalks with carnival atmospheres (Seaside Heights and Wildwood).

The north side of New Jersey does have beauty too. Today, my friend Bernie wandered in Warren County near the Delaware River. I have known Bernie for over twenty years, and we graduated high school together in Essex County in 1989. It was good to see him. We definitely had an enjoyable afternoon!

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Appalachian Trail, NJ

Appalachian Trail In New Jersey

From Interstate 80, there is an exit and parking area near the trailhead for the Appalachian Trail.

Bernie Doyle Bernie Doyle There was one of those old hand pumps for water (left) near the trailhead. Also, Bernie balanced himself on a log above a creek. :)
Appalachian Trail, NJ
Appalachian Trail, NJ
We only hiked about 0.5 miles on the trail, and it looked like a beautiful trail in thick forest.
Appalachian Trail, NJ Ahhh ... it was nice to be on the Appalachian Trail! I know outdoor enthusiasts on the east coast view the Appalachian Trail as an alluring hike. Those who hike it all the way from Georgia to Maine have my respect. They remind me of people who are determined to summit all of Colorado's 14ers.

Delaware River

Then Bernie and I visited Columbia, New Jersey, a small town on the banks of the Delaware River in Warren County.

Delaware River
We spotted a pedestrain bridge that went across the river! Delaware River Bridge
Ahhhhhh ... the beautiful Delaware River! The river serves as the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

TOP: Facing upstream.

MIDDLE: Facing downstream.

BOTTOM: Three boats in the water. All are different: A fisherman in a motor boat, a kayaker and a group in a raft.

Delaware Water Gap
Delaware River
Delaware River
A closer photo of the guy in the motor boat. Notice the arrow-shaped waves made with his fishing line.
Bernie is a hero! He noticed the rafters had dropped a paddle in the water and he shouted down to them. Rafting
Bernie Doyle
Apparently this bridge and many others were once covered bridges.

In that bottom photo, Bernie pulled on a large and circular piece of metal connected to the bridge base. :)

Bernie Doyle
We walked across the bridge and spent about five minutes in Pennsylvania. The town of Portland, Pennsylvania is on the other side, and it seems to be a popular portage area for kayakers and rafters. Portland, Pennsylvania
One more photo of the bridge and river from the Pennsylvania side. Bridge

PJ's Drive In
P.J.'s Drive In - Knowlton, New Jersey

Bernie and I have a story about this burger joint and ice cream parlor in Knowlton, New Jersey. When we were 19 or 20, we went for a drive and dined at this place. In the early 1990's, this was known as the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In. (Notice the sign still sells Humpty Dumpty Ice Cream.) Even then, it was not a true drive-in restaurant. We distinctly remember this place because it is close to the hilariously-named town of Buttzville, New Jersey. Buttzville! Ha ha ha ha ha! You gotta love the name of that town! :)

PJ's Drive In Inside the restaurant. Bernie and I told the friendly young man behind the counter about how we were here about 17 years ago and our amusement with the town name of Buttzville. He immediately chuckled and agreed with the humor of it! :p)
Eating Bernie Their food hit the spot! I (left) ordered a double cheeseburger, cheese sticks and a Sprite. Bernie feasted on a hot dog with mustard, french fries, poppers and a Coke.
Food Bernie's food when he was halfway done.

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  • Paper Ornaments Bernie and I gazed at the ice cream paper ornaments hanging from the ceiling, but we decided to pass on giving in to our ice cream desires.

    One other note about our story: We also remembered a place somewhere in this area near Knowlton and Buttzville known as Jacks House O' Deals. It was a place with various knick-knacks -- a variety story with outdoor statues, flags and unorthodox things. We searched for that place as well, but couldn't find it.

    Buttzville, New Jersey

    And just down the road was, you guessed it ... Buttzville, New Jersey! Yay! :)

    Buttzville, NJ
    The village of Buttzville has a post office on Route 46!

    I went out there to pose in front of the main entrance. We were so happy to be in Buttzville.

    Buttzville, NJ
    Buttzville, NJ

    New Jersey Highway

    New Jersey Highway

    New Jersey Highway

    Photos of I-80 In New Jersey

    We did not experience much traffic on Interstate 80, our thoroughfare to reach the Delaware Water Gap. I did stick the camera out to show what the highway looks like.

    Adjacent are three photos of I-80 westbound along various spots in Morris County.

    New Jersey Scenic Overlook New Jersey Scenic Overlook There were two scenic overlooks in Warren County and we stopped at the westernmost one.
    I-80 New Jersey The view of the Kittatinny Mountains Interstate 80.
    New Jersey Highway On our way back, another photo of the highway.

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