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Disgusting Boots With Holes Finally Replaced

(Steve Buys The Same Exact Pair Of Ozark Trail Boots At Walmart - October 29, 2008)

Old Boots Disgusting Boots BUENA VISTA, CO -- The disgusting boots have been banished forever!

The old hiking boots of Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi were finally replaced today, ending a two and a half year era of him wearing them on practically every outdoor adventure he has done during this time. The major change in Steve's wardrobe brought a combination of celebration (that he got new boots) and bewilderment (that he went so long with the old ones) from friends and neighbors.

"These are super disgusting." stated Sarah (right photo), a local troubled youth who actually held the old boots as Steve showed them around the neighborhood. "I get the ickies from just holding them." she added.

Upon seeing the pictures of the old boots in an e-mail, Lisa M. gave her input: "OMG! They look awful. Did they smell really bad?"

The boots were in very bad condition throughout 2008, and gapping holes could be noticed when the boots were included in photo galleries of recent hikes. Steve somehow managed to continue using the boots, but after his extremely muddy hike to White Butte, the North Dakota high point, it was all over for the boots. Thick gray mud covered the boots and when it dried, it made a cakey residue on the inside and outside of the boots. The boots were dead.

"It was then I knew I had to get new boots." Steve admitted, "I get a little too emotionally tied to my clothing and that might not be a good thing."

New Boots Ozark Trail Boots Amazingly, when Steve went to the same exact Walmart (in Salida, CO) where he bought the old boots two and a half years ago, he saw the same exact boots in brand and style on the shelf. It was is an Ozark Trail high ankle boot in size 13.

"I didn't even try them on in the store, because I knew they would fit just right, and they did!" Steve explained.

Steve has had a history of embarrassing stories about his wardrobe. He once had four-year-old sneakers with nasty holes in them. He also was accused of buying women's sunglasses at the very Walmart where he bought the boots. Also, a plastic tag somehow remained for four years on a light blue tie-dye shirt.

Left Photos: Steve happily poses for the camera while wearing his new boots. Also, a photo of both the new and old boots next to each other.

As for the old boots, Steve plans to throw them in the garbage soon, but admitted he has procrastinated in following through.

"They're sitting on the front porch right now. I'll get to it one of these days." said Steve.

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