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My Adventures In Nebraska

(Assorted Nebraska Photos, Town of Hazard, Pioneer Village Museum) - October 15, 2007

Nebraska Magazine

Assorted Nebraska Photos

Special thanks to Andrea in Nebraska for hosting and entertaining me in Kearney, located in central Nebraska. This was the first major stop on my trip. We had a great time doing all sorts of stuff as noted in the photo galleries below.

Somewhere out there in central Nebraska, we pulled over to snap photos of ourselves besides large bales of hay. I also like that nifty photo of Andrea happily reading through a Nebraska tourism magazine. :)

Nebraska Here's a nice view of farmland near where I stayed. Yay!
Minden, Nebraska A grain elevator in Minden.
Ooooooooh! Some pretty sunrise colors on the morning I left Kearney. (It was the sunrise, not the sunset, so I couldn't put it on my sunset page.)

Pioneer Village Museum

Pioneer Village Museum

The Pioneer Village Museum in Minden is quite an interesting place. It has a mix of pioneer history and amazing arrays of collections that document the technological progress of humanity.

Antique Cars They have a bunch of antique cars!
Steve One of the cars had the "Don't Touch" sign (right) and I felt compelled to imitate the man in the drawing! :p)
Pioneer Village Museum A rural mail carrier.
Pioneer Village Museum Andrea seemed amused by this large boiling pot! :p)
Beauty Shop Pioneer Village Museum One of the indoor exhibits had a beauty shop. Look at the machinery formerly used to give one a perm!
1980's Kitchen

1980's Kitchen

Yeah baby!
1980's kitchens rock the house!
1950's Kitchen Steve

1950's Kitchen

I felt inspired to imitate the model in the 1950's kitchen too! :)
Tractor Seats I really loved this array of tractor seats.
Livery Stable There are many historic buildings on the grounds including this livery stable front.
Antique Tractor An old tractor.
Parking Meters
They even have a collection of old parking meters. I kind of freaked out when I saw the one that read "VIOLATION" in red and white.
Pioneer Village Museum They've got airplanes in there too.
Andrea Andrea poses by this truck she liked.
Guestbook I love signing guestbooks. I made note of the fact that we were heading to Hazard, Nebraska next. Yay! :)

Hazard, Nebraska

Town of Hazard, Nebraska

Hazard, Nebraska is an awesome little town in central Nebraska. I don't know what the altitude is, but the sign said the population was 66 people.

Just outside of town was this "rest area" for all to see. ;)

Hazard, Nebraska Hazard, Nebraska We wandered around town and Andrea had a good time out there.
As I was about to photograph the Hazard sign on the highway, a train came by!
Hazard, Nebraska Yeah baby!
Hazard Nebraska!
Hazard, Nebraska This is Nebraska at its best.

Folks, I invite you to enjoy the video below of out time driving in Nebraska ...

Hazard, Nebraska I really liked how the state highways had a chuckwagon on their signs, and I wanted to get a picture of me in front of it. Andrea snapped this shot of me sipping on my McDonald's coffee (purchased in Kearney) right there on the highway. Yay!

Oh and yes, Hazard is located approximately 25 miles north of Kearney at the junction of Highways 2 and 10.

Hazard, Nebraska
Hazard, Nebraska
Hazard, Nebraska
A few buildings and structures around town.

Here are some other small towns I've visited:

  • Kanorado, KS
  • St. Elmo, CO
  • Twin Lakes, CO
  • Hooper, CO