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Nebraska High Point - Panorama Point (Elevation 5,424 Feet)

Photos of Panorama Point and the Colorado / Wyoming / Nebraska Tri-State Marker - October 16, 2008

Panorama Point, NE Panorama Point, NE

Panorama Point, the highest point in Nebraska, is located southwest of Bushnell, NE in the southwestern corner of Kimball County. In fact, less than one mile away is the marker for the meeting point of the states of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

I recently endured challenging hikes to the high points in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, and so it was refreshing to drive to Panorama Point. This is not to say this spot is any less special or beautiful than the others. Panorama Point is indeed a mere rolling hill on the vast plains, but the views in all directions were wonderful.

Directions: I included a map in the photo gallery. Click the photo to see it at a larger size and print it. You can also obtain a map by stopping by the Kimball County Chamber of Commerce in Kimball, Nebraska. The most common route is to travel south from Bushnell for ten miles. (The map reads 12.6 miles south of Bushnell, but it is only 10 miles. It is the only mistake I noticed on the map.) This is followed by a few zig zags on more gravel roads to the entrance.


Kimball County Chamber of Commerce Map The Nebraska High Point wins the award for having the most enthusiastic and supportive community for their high point. I was greeted by a friendly woman (the same woman in the video below) at the Kimball County Chamber of Commerce. The map I received was extremely helpful.
Nebraska Hay Field

Nebraska Road

Nebraska High Point Sign

Various photos of Nebraska scenery as I traveled south of Bushnell.

I was mindful of my past visit to Nebraska last year. Andrea and I spent a day in central Nebraska (near Kearney) and came up with a decent page of photos and a video. You can see it here: Nebraska Photos.

Nebraska High Point

High Point Bison

Panorama Point is located on a privately owned buffalo ranch. A $3 per person fee is required before entering the lands.

You will cross over this cattle guard (or should I call it a "buffalo guard?") and the dirt road will lead you approximately 0.3 miles to the high point.

Panorama Point, NE

Nebraska High Point

There it is!

Panorama Point sits at an elevation of 5,424 feet. This is far from any kind of mountain peak experience, but keep in mind this spot is higher than Denver, a mere 5,280 feet. ;)

Panorama Point, NE It was so nice to be there. I smoked a cigar to celebrate! :)

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    Nebraska High Point

    Nebraska Plains

    Four photos showing the views from the high point.

    THIRD PHOTO: If you click the photo to view it at a larger size, you might notice a darker area with fence posts surrounding it in the center of the background. That is the point where the states of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska meet. Although it is a short hike, you would be walking on a private buffalo ranch, and visitors are instructed not to go out there. To reach the tri-state marker, follow your map by driving south into Colorado, then west, then back north toward the CO/WY border. The dirt road is on the right just before the pavement begins.

    FOURTH PHOTO: A large wind farm, located in Colorado.

    Buffalo Droppings Like I said, this is a buffalo ranch. No buffaloes were in the vicinity during my visit, but uhhhhh, they left their presence for me. :)

    Tri-State Marker

    Visiting these kinds of markers is fun.

    Tri-State Marker
    Another view of the marker. It was easy to picture the three states meeting because the fenced-in land was the quadrant for the southeastern corner of Wyoming. Tri-State Marker
    A plaque at the marker.
    One photo of myself. My butt and much of my body was hanging over in Nebraska, my right leg was in Wyoming and my left leg dangled in Colorado. How about that? :) on Facebook


    My video at the Nebraska High Point.

    A professional video by

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