Nacimiento Peak (elevation 9801 feet) - Cuba, New Mexico

My Hike of Nacimiento Peak
It's rare that I quote other websites, but this is a case where the author on described the peak perfectly.

"Nacimiento Peak is a relatively small nub on the flat, upraised block of mountain in the northwest portion of the Jemez Mountains. Like the hump of a whale, these mountains gently rise nearly 3,000 feet above the town of Cuba and are completely below tree line. Nestled against the peak is the wonderful highland country of San Pedro Parks Wilderness. At nearly 10,000 feet, this area receives plenty of rain and thus, is strewn with tremendous amounts of fantastically green meadows and forest.

The only route offers a mere 600 feet of elevation gain over roughly a mile through tons of downed trees and forest vegetation. It sounds worthless, but like so many jewels in New Mexico, it can easily be underestimated."

Directions: In Cuba, travel east on Highway 126 into the mountains for ten miles. Just past Senorita Divide, make a left on Forest Road 70. This reasonably well-graded dirt road heads north. Continue for 2-3 miles to a trailhead that you can't miss. Ignore the trail which leads to a lake and walk north a short distance on the road. Nacimiento Peak is the hill about one mile ahead. Hop the wooden fence and go.

Nacimiento Peak, New Mexico
An image of Nacimiento Peak from Highway 550 near Cuba.

Hiking write-up by Steve Garufi in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

New Mexico Scenery


May 15, 2015 - Desert scenery as I traveled north on Highway 550 en route to Cuba.
This next image is at the trailhead. Again, my iPhone named it "Fire Road 70", although I think it might be "Forest Road 70". Either way, look for Road 70 shortly on the left once you're over the unmistakable mountain pass.

Now, here's the view of the hill. Believe it or not, this is Nacimiento Peak. Work your way into the woods and have at it! :)

Hike A pretty shot of green grass, aspens and pines.
Because of the trees, it is difficult to see much, but I like this shot anyway. Such peaceful forest.
Marker The summit marker.
Nacimiento Peak, New Mexico

Nacimiento Peak, New Mexico

Me on the summit. I was so happy to be up there. Also, the intermittent rain had turned to snow. It was hardly sticking to the ground, but I was loving being pounded by the white fluffy stuff! Happy trails, friends! -Steve

A summit video.

Snowfall is not too shabby at all!

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