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Mount Shavano (Elevation 14,229 Feet) - Chaffee County, Colorado

The Crown Jewel of the Southern Sawatch Range
Similar to the way Mount Princeton is looked fondly upon by Buena Vista residents, Mount Shavano is the most recognizable and beloved mountain in Salida. This is a no leisure hike. From the standard route at the Blanks Cabin Trailhead, hikers begin at 9750 feet and ascend 4500 more in 4.75 miles (one way) to the summit. You're invited to visit my 14ers and 13ers pages for mountain inspiration.

Mount Shavano, CO
A view of Mount Shavano from Poncha Springs during the fall season.

Salida, Colorado
Mount Shavano is seen left of center from Tenderfoot Mountain in Salida.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Mount Shavano Trailhead


July 3, 2014 - A short hike on the Colorado Trail before we reached the spur for Mount Shavano and Tabeguache Peak.
Mt. Shavano Trail This trail has little mercy on us poor hikers.

The uphill climbing goes on and on. After about 2.5 miles, we reached timberline.

If you're acquainted with the Angel of Shavano, you may recognize her. Sadly, her head and left arm had melted off. :p)
Mt. Shavano, Colorado On the saddle and facing the summit.
Mount Shavano Hike

Mount Shavano, CO

Monarch Mountain Ski Area

Throughout the morning, the sky was mostly clear. Three photos before reaching the summit.

TOP: 13ers Taylor Mountain and Mount Aetna.

SECOND: The town of Salida in the distance.

THIRD: A decent view of Monarch Mountain ski area and Highway 50.

Tabeguache Peak, Colorado

Tabeguache Peak

It's true that many hikers continue on the ridge to bag Tabeguache Peak, but early on Mike and I decided to settle for Mt. Shavano only. We'll do Tabeguache by itself another time.
Mount Shavano, Colorado

Mount Shavano Summit (14429 feet)

Mike Vernon and I. This was a long hike; we were proud of ourselves. :)

In the distance was the Arkansas River Valley. Buena Vista was just out of sight, but we could see Johnson Village and everything south to Salida.

Mount Ouray, Colorado Mount Ouray (13971') to the south.
Salida, Mount Shavano This is what Salida, Poncha Springs and much of southeast Chaffee County looks like from Mount Shavano. Stunning!
Sawatch Range, CO A plethora of peaks to the north.

Mount Antero, Mount Yale, Mount Harvard, even Peak 13078' to name a few ... they're all out there. :)

Marmot Lots of marmots around the summit.


Close to the Angel of Shavano.

We were tired.

On the saddle.

Glorious mountain scenery.

On the summit.

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