Colorado Guy Twin Lakes, CO

Sunset Over Mt. Princeton, Colorado

(Pictures From An Evening In Buena Vista, Colorado - January 7, 2009)

Colorado Sunset On this windy and cold evening, I stood on Chaffee County Road 326 (an isolated road outside of Buena Vista, CO) to photograph the sunset. Below are other pages taken near or on this road:
  • Snowy Road
  • Elk Herd
  • May 2008 Sunset
  • Maxwell Park Schoolhouse
  • Colorado Sunset The clouds brightened over Sheep Mountain.

    This sure was pretty. A beautiful color show after a rough day!

    Mt. Princeton, CO Ahhhhh but all the excitement seemed to be happening to the south over Mt. Princeton.
    Mt. Princeton, CO Lots of bright colors over the mountain!

    My two main pages dedicated to Mt. Princeton:

  • Mt. Princeton web site
  • Mt. Princeton Hike
  • Colorado Sunset I set the timer and included myself in this photo. That black pointed shadow is my head. ;)
    Mt. Princeton More colors!
    Mt. Princeton Ahhhhhhhhh! :)

    This Evening's Video

    A simple video from the evening. You can view more of my videos here: Piece of Garbage and my YouTube page.

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