Mt. Nebo State Park - Dardanelle, Arkansas

My Hike On The Summit Park Trail In Mount Nebo State Park, Arkansas - October 25, 2010

Mt. Nebo State Park In Dardanelle, Arkansas
Mt. Nebo State Park is a beautiful mountain approximately seven miles west of Dardanelle, Arkansas. This park is an oasis of hiking trails, cabin rentals and scenic overlooks. This state park, along with Mt. Magazine State Park, is one of two that offers launch sites for hang gliders. The park also offers a pool, tennis courts, playgrounds and pavillions that can be rented for weddings and special events.

Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas
I love this photo. The lush green forest behind the beautifully crafted Mt. Nebo State Park sign.

Click any photo to view it at a larger size. A new window will open. Dardanelle, AR My first picture was taken as I traveled west on Highway 155 between Dardanelle and the mountain. Mount Nebo becomes larger in size and majesty as one approaches.

Traveling up Mt. Nebo, I laughed when I saw the sign warning of a "crooked and steep" road. Oh yeah? We'll see.

Then I began traveling up the road, and yes, it is quite steep with many switchbacks. This is like a mountain road in Colorado! :)

Also, if you have a trailer, do take note that it's prohibited to drive it on this road. You probably wouldn't make it anyway! :p)

Mt. Nebo State Park, AR Adjacent is the grand view of Lake Dardanelle from behind the visitor center. The weather was quite dreary and cloudy during my visit. My photo is horrible; I must return soon and capture better photos.
Summit Park Trailhead
Summit Park Trail

While I had an enjoyable excursion on this loop trail, there are two things to point out:

1) The name of this trail is deceptive. The Summit Park Trail does not go anywhere near the summit. The actual high point in the park is located on the mountain's east end, somewhere in the driving loop near Sunrise Point and the trailhead to Gum Springs Trail.

2) Although red tags exist on trees along the trail, it is easy to lose course near Stations 1, 2 and 3. If you take the trail all the way down to Bench Road Trail, you've gone too far down. (One of the trail maps is poorly drawn and shows the trail mistakenly reaching Bench Road Trail.)

Summit Park Trail A nice shot of the trail.
Summit Park Trail

Fall Leaves

A touch of fall colors among the forest's leaves. :)
Fern Lake The trail passes Fern Lake.
Mt. Nebo Arkansas Hike Then the trail travels back up the mountain.
Summit Park Trail Up I hiked.
Lovers Leap, AR Lovers Leap is a beautiful spot. A large rock provides a stunning view of the surrounding mountains.
Mt. Nebo State Park, AR The path connects with the Rim Trail. Here's a spot where the autumn leaves stand out.
Cabins The Rim Trail evenutally returns to the Summit Park Trailhead, but not before passing many cabins on the mountain. Some are private, but many are available as rentals. I would think this would be a nice place for a vacation, family reunion or romantic getaway.

Article by Steve Garufi. Twitter: @SteveGarufi

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