Mt. Kreutzer, Colorado - Elevation 13,095 feet

Our Hike On The Continental Divide Trail: Cottonwood Pass To Mt. Kreutzer - September 20, 2008

Mt. Kreutzer

Mt. Kreutzer is a mountain that earns little respect! First of all, hardly anyone hikes this 13er located on the Continental Divide. The guestbook at the summit showed we were the first to sign in for the entire month of September. Secondly, the mountain is difficult to spell: It is Mt Kreutzer, not Mt. Kruetzer. (The "e" and "u" together has vexed myself and others whom I've communicated with about this peak.)

We began our hike shortly after sunrise at Cottonwood Pass and hiked on portions of the Continental Divide Trail. The construction of this trail is a work in progress, but every year more and more trail is created. In the future, a trail will completely link Cottonwood Pass to Tincup Pass as part of the grand vision of a north-south Continental Divide Trail through the entire Rocky Mountains from Montana to New Mexico.

Our hike distance was approximately 5-6 miles one way to Mt. Kreutzer. When there was no trail, we stayed on the ridge and worked our way over and past a number of peaks in the 12,500 to 12,800 foot range. The day before, Derek and Aaron drove and parked a truck near Chaffee County Road 344 in Mineral Basin, located in the upper reaches of South Cottonwood Canyon. We finished our one-way journey after hiking down the divide (north of Mt. Kreutzer) to reach our vehicle.

Special thanks to Derek and Aaron for being part of the adventure. We had a good time! As usual, my National Geographic topographical map (Buena Vista / Collegiate Peaks) was handy at times.

Photo Above: Standing on the Continental Divide, the view of Mt. Kreutzer (center) with Emma Burr Mountain far back to the right.


Mt. Princeton Sunrise Early in our hike, the easterly view of the sunrise colors. Turner Peak is the pointed peak on the left and Mt. Princeton sits far back right of center.
Continental Divide

Continental Divide Trail

We went past this unnamed point (~12,800 feet) at the top. I once hiked to this peak in July 2007 and I looked forward to entering unchartered land when we passed it.

Notice the red shades on the ground.

Continental Divide Trail One more time: Special thanks to Derrick and Aaron for being such beguiling hiking partners. :)


Patches of snow! Interestingly, there are still a few remaining patches of snow from last winter that never entirely melted during our summer. Snow all year round ... I know my friends in places in Arizona and Georgia will find this amusing! :)

So far, the mountains have already received a few snowstorms with the first happening in mid-August. You can see more of my snow photos here: Steve's Snow Photos.

Continental Divide

Continental Divide

Photos as we continued south along the divide. The second (bottom) photo was taken looking back near the pointed peak in the top one.
Taylor Park, CO The sun finally rose up to give us a bright view of Taylor Park.
Lost Lake, CO Spout Lake, CO If you know your small lakes in this region, you might recognize these as Lost Lake (left) and Spout Lake (right) respectively. Both small bodies of water are located east of the divide and are part of the Middle Cottonwood Creek watershed.
Continental Divide Looking north at some striking cliff formations.
Continental Divide We continued south. We walked along a large slope (on the left in the immediate foreground) near the summit of Chalk Rock Mountain.
Mineral Basin, CO I like this picture because of the bright red foliage, yellow grass, touch of green and blue sky. Looking north on the divide, Chalk Rock Mountain is the highest point on the left. 14er Mt. Yale's summit can be seen way on the far right.
Mt. Kruetzer & Emma Burr Mountain

Mt. Kreutzer

Two photos as we approached Mt. Kreutzer with Emma Burr Mountain behind on the right.
Mt. Kreutzer
At The Summit of Mt. Kreutzer

The westerly view of Gunnison County from the summit.

Mt. Kreutzer Ahhhhh ... a nice picture of myself, Aaron and Derrick.
Emma Burr Mountain

Emma Burr Mountain

Two photos of Emma Burr Mountain's beautiful north face. I thoroughly enjoyed summiting this mountain last month.

Mt. Princeton

Two more views, including the easterly view of Mt. Princeton in the bottom photo.

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  • Arkansas Flag Yes folks, I am a proud Arkansas Razorbacks fan! With the Arkansas football team hosting Alabama today, I thought I would show some team spirit by holding the Arkansas state flag. I go hog wild over the Razorbacks! Sadly, Alabama beat Arkansas 49-14 today. :(

    Video Clip - Hike To Mt. Kreutzer, CO

    Footage of us hiking along the Continental Divide to Mt. Kreutzer. At the summit, I show some of the beautiful views and my friends hold the Arkansas state flag. :)

    Autumn Colors

    The autumn colors are at their peak in the altitude range of 12,000 feet. Adjacent are a few photos.

    Bright red!
    As we were driving down Chaffee County Road 344 toward Cottonwood Lake.

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