Mt. Evans Scenic Byway

My Drive Up Mt. Evans Road With Jeff Christlieb; Photos of Colorado Mountain Scenery - July 25, 2010

Mt. Evans Road After climbing Mt. Shiktau this morning, I met with Jeff Christlieb to drive together from Idaho Springs to the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway. It was a full day!

Adjacent is the road beyond the entrance gate.

Mt. Evans Road Approaching timberline.
Mt. Evans Road When I snapped this photo, I said, "My standards are so high, but I know these kinds of pictures would seem amazing to people in places like Kansas and Texas." :)
Colorado Rocky Mountains Looking down toward Echo Lake.
Mt. Evans Scenic Byway Onward we continued. The Chicago Lakes Basin is the deep valley on the right.
Mt. Evans Road We passed many bicyclists. Thanks in advance for passing them with care. Mt. Evans Road is not the kind of road that you'd want to speed and be in a rush anyway.
Mt. Evans Road Coming closer toward Summit Lake.
Summit Lake, CO We walked to the northeast edge of Summit Lake (adjacent) to enjoy the view of the Chicago Lakes, Mt. Spalding and Gray Wolf Mountain. The latter two are 13ers that I intend to climb sometime. :)
Mt. Evans Road A shot of the road cut as we began the final switchback area to the top of Mt. Evans.

Interestingly, those two small "bumps" are Colorado 13ers: Mt. Warren (13,307') and Rogers Peak (13,391').

Mt. Evans Scenic Byway This road is paved all the way to the top!
Mt. Evans Scenic Byway Turning on one of many switchbacks.
Mt. Evans Road The parking lot was packed. After all, we were visiting on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. This experience reminded me a lot of the Pikes Peak Highway.
Mt. Evans Road I'm not kidding ... a lot of people were on the mountain.
Mt. Evans Road Near the top, the view of the parking lot and weather observatory below.

It was so great to be back on Mt. Evans, especially since last week I hiked this peak from Guanella Pass.

Mt. Bierstadt Looking toward Mt. Bierstadt (left) and West Evans (right).
Summit Lake, Colorado A nice view of Summit Lake from Mt. Evans.
Mt. Evans Road Myself and Jeff. The last time Jeff and I met was in 2003, when we hiked Red Mountain in Manitou Springs. :)

Mountain Goats on Mt. Evans
Mountain Goats
Near the summit and along the road, about 15-20 mountain goats were grazing and enjoying their high altitude habitat. You can see all mountain goats photos here: Mountain Goats.

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