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Our First Major Snowstorm In Colorado; Ski & Snowboard Areas Have Opened Throughout State

Snowfall at Night October 25-27, 2011 - As I was driving from Denver to Buena Vista on Tuesday night, the snowfall started to come down in the western suburbs and continued for much of the way on U.S. Highway 285 in Jefferson and Park County.

I only snapped one picture - the adjacent one - as I was traveling through Bailey. I like how the flash captured the snowflakes flying by! :)

Wednesday was a full snow day throughout Colorado. It was gray, it was dreary, and the snow kept coming down!

Adjacent are two photos of Chaffee County Road 306 (west of Buena Vista, CO) as I drove in the late morning.

Snowy Road
Many of Colorado's ski and snowboarding areas have opened for the season. The Wolf Creek ski area opened two weeks ago. Arapahoe Basin is certainly open. A few others in the Interstate 70 corridor and Telluride's ski areas will be opening soon. As far as I'm concerned, winter has already begun in Colorado.

Let the skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and all other winter activities commence! :)

Snowy Road

Snow Webcam On Thursday, the overnight low was near 10 degrees at my home. I woke up to this beautiful view (captured by the webcam) of fluffy and clean white snow blanketing the land. :)
Icicles Icicles on my house.
Mt. Princeton

Mount Princeton Colorado

Mount Princeton Photo

I traveled around Chaffee County in search of the best spot to photograph Mt. Princeton. For over five years, I have been snapping pictures of the mountain on a regular basis and posting them on

As you can see, I took a number of photos, and I figured I'd show all of the mountain snow scenery. :)

Addendum On Saturday

October 29, 2011 - Much of the snow has melted in the valley near Buena Vista and Salida. However, I made the scenic drive inside Chalk Creek Canyon to St. Elmo, where there was plenty of snow along the roadsides. :)

Steve Garufi
The snow up here likely won't melt until next April. Love it!

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Colorado Snow Scenery


At the scenic overlook as one comes down Trout Creek Pass and into the upper Arkansas River Valley.

More snow and scenery from Chaffee County Road 337.