Colorado Mountain Photos

A Scenic Drive From Walsenberg to Westcliffe
February 25, 2014 - After a ten-day road trip throughout Southern New Mexico and West Texas, I was eager to photograph Colorado mountains. These are my photos as I drove on Colorado State Highway 69, roughly between Walsenberg and Westcliffe. I was so happy to be back. After an out-of-state getaway, it usually feels strange to be back. Most people come to Colorado for their vacation and then leave for their scenery-less home. For me, it's the opposite. I live my ordinary days out here. :)

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Greenhorn Mountain, Colorado
The beautiful view of Greenhorn Mountain (elevation 12352 feet) from Interstate 25 northbound.
Colorado Rocky Mountains
The mountain scenery began in earnest once I got on Highway 69 in Walsenberg. Afar is the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range.

Colorado Scenic Route
The Sangre De Cristo Range on the left, and way out there on the right are peaks from the Sawatch Range. If you know you're 14ers, you might recognize Mount Princeton, Mount Yale and Mount Columbia. This photo will be posted on my Mt. Princeton photo journal: www.mtprinceton.org. :)
Mountains in Colorado
After being on the West Texas plains for many days, it was so refreshing to see these towering mountains!
Crestone Needle and Humboldt Peak
Crestone Needle is the funny-shaped mountain in the middle. Humboldt Peak is on the right. What a beautiful scene.
Sangre De Cristo Range
Mountain after mountain. Ahhhh.
Westcliffe, Colorado
The highway spills into the heart of Westcliffe, Colorado. What a wonderful town! Here's a photo from Main Street.
Colorado Mountain Scenery
One more mountain photo as I headed north toward Fremont County and eventually my office is Salida. I've lived in Colorado for 17 years and I still feel like a tourist -- like a first-time visitor who can't believe how pretty the mountain scenery is.

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