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Mountain Biking Around Both Lakes - Twin Lakes, Colorado

Mountain Bike Trails in Twin Lakes, Colorado
For mountain bikers, there is a trail that goes around the lakes in Twin Lakes. You can start at any point, but a good spot is the trailhead on the southeast side of the lakes, which is accessed from Lake County Road 25. Take the Colorado Trail for awhile, and then continue at the spur toward the historic Interlaken area. When in doubt, stay close to the lakes. It was about 14 miles to do a round trip around the lakes.

Special thanks to the Naegele family for inviting me on their mountain bike adventure. I will always be more of a road biker at heart, but that's okay. We had a lot of fun on our outing. :)

Mountain Bike in Twin Lakes, CO
A fun mountain bike trail, a beautiful lake and a large mountain behind. Wow!

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Colorado Trail


May 31, 2008 - At the beginning. We went up the Colorado Trail on the left.
Steven Kent
The Cast Of Mountain Bikers

The one and only Steven Naegele (top left), a 16-year-old mountain biking phenom in Buena Vista.

There was also Kent (top right), the guy I stole the wi-fi from last year, who made a face for the camera.

Chris (middle) joined our ride.

I am in the bottom photo, and let's just say there was a point early on where I came close to hurling my mountain bike into that beautiful lake! Why? I was having emotional problems. :p)

Twin Lakes, CO
Mountain Bike
I think Steve should be a model for a mountain biking magazine, don't you think?

In the bottom photo, Steve tried to "pop a wheely" but my camera had trouble capturing when his front wheel was up high.

Oh and look at those views! It was a beautiful day - sunny, little wind and temperatures in the upper 60s.

Historic Interlaken Resort and Dexter House
Dexter House
The Dexter House (above) was built in 1895 and was the home of the owner of the historic Interlaken resort.
Dexter House
The wooden floors were beautiful!
Dexter House
Lots of interesting rooms.
Dexter House
Upstairs, a window view of the mountains.

This was my second visit to this area. You can see my walk (hike) to this spot last year: Interlaken Resort & Dexter House.
Dexter House
Another view of the Dexter House.
Interlaken Resort
The historic Interlaken Resort which once served as a hotel 100 years ago.

Colorado Mountain Biking Onward we continued. We came upon this field of sagebrush with Twin Peaks (alt. 13,333 feet) in the background. The trail heads into that field of aspens to the left.
Mountain Bike Mountain Bike The trail became kind of rough with many hills (rough for my standards as a novice) and we crossed about five creeks.
Mountain Bike Trail This massive hill was a killer.
Steven Naegele
Clif Bar
Twin Lakes, CO
Steve's Ankle
An Overlook

TOP: Steven shows off his Clif Bar with a grand view of the valley and lakes.

SECOND: I ate this crunchy peanut butter Clif Bar.

Clif Bars do a good job of giving a hiker carbohydrates and whatever healthy stuff to maximize a person's energy. At the same time, they are fairly tasty and even just one bar can satisfy one's hunger.

THIRD - LEFT AND RIGHT: It became a promotional event for Clif Bars at the overlook. I posed on a rock with Parry Peak (alt. 12,682 feet) in the background and then I got Kent and Steve to join the Clif Bar celebration!

While up there, I thought I would capture one really nice photo of the view. You can see the small village of Twin Lakes (a few structures including a blue one) out there in the upper left.

I walked my bike up some steep portions of the trail and kept scratching my ankle with the pedals. Somehow, I caused some bleeding and Stephen pointed out bleeding is considered a "sign of greatness" in mountain bike circles. :)

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  • Willis Gulch Trail Spur We passed the spur trail that leads into Willis Gulch ...
    Mountain Bike ... and I tossed my bike on this patch of snow.
    Lake Creek, CO We crossed the bridge over Lake Creek, which was running hard.
    Twin Lakes, CO
    Steve Garufi Cyclist
    Then we biked on Highway 82 into the village of Twin Lakes.

    I captured the Twin Lakes General Store and a picture of myself drinking from my Camelbak. :)

    Twin Lakes, CO We rode about 1.5 miles on Highway 82 before getting back on the Colorado Trail to the right. The trail is before the pumping station.

    While on that trail, I captured this one view of the lake before we returned to our vehicle.

    Green Chili Cheeseburger
    Punky's - Buena Vista, Colorado

    Everyone's was tired from our mountain bike ride. So I talked everyone into visiting Punky's in Buena Vista. I got green chili cheeseburger with fries and a soda. It hit the spot!

    Then I ordered an espresso chip ice cream in a waffle cone and Stephen and Chris liked their ice cream too! :)

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