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Mount Sherman (Elevation 14,036 Feet) - Fairplay / Leadville, CO

A Mid-Week Excursion To The Mountains
July 23, 2014 - It's my opinion that Mount Sherman is the easiest 14er to hike in the summer. When accessed from the gate at Four Mile Road on the Fairplay side, it's a mere 5.25 miles round trip and just a 2000 foot gain in elevation. (Mount Bierstadt and Mount Democrat are a close second and third.) This peak can also be accessed from the Lake County side, but I've heard the trail is steep with nasty loose scree.

The highlight of the outing was going with Bill Rogan, an author and sports radio personality in Denver. While this was my fifth ascent of Mount Sherman, it was Bill's first 14er ever. My friend took on the mountain with courage and determination. He was no slouch! Enjoy my photos and videos below.

Mount Sherman, CO
Bill and I on the summit. It's like another world at 14000+ feet! :)

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Mount Sherman, Colorado


Near the beginning, Bill with Mount Sherman behind. It was around this spot that Bill went on a ranting about two female hikers at the trailhead. He's such a character. :)

Hilltop Mine at Mt. Sherman Approaching the structure at the Hilltop Mine.
Mount Sherman, CO On the saddle and facing Mount Sherman.
Mt. Sherman Hike Bill works his way up with GRAND mountain scenery.

14ers Mount Elbert and Mount Massive are in view.

Mount Sherman, CO

TOP: A look back at some of the trail. Horseshoe Mountain (left) and Mount Sheridan (right) are two neighborhooring 13ers in this range.

SECOND: A similar vantage point but this was my best image that shows Mount Princeton. Oh yes, this will make it on my Mt. Princeton journal: :)

Mount Sherman Trail A rocky section that looks scarier than it is.
Turquoise Lake & Leadville The glorious view of Turquoise Lake and Leadville to the west.
Pikes Peak was waaaaay in the distance to the east.
Mount Sherman, CO Near the summit, facing south.
Mt. Sherman, CO

Mount Sherman Summit

Us at the summit. Great job, Bill!

I asked Bill, "So what will be your next 14er?" He didn't give an answer, but I'll keep encouraging him. :)

Bill Rogan 14er

Bill Rogan on Mount Sherman Bill Rogan

Bill posed with three young women from Westminster -- all of them claimed this mountain as their first 14er too.

And then Bill got a photo with the two hikers with Boston Red Sox hats! :p)

This hike reminded me of four years ago, when Phil Ladden and I hiked Mount Sherman.

Mount Sherman, Colorado Me relaxing on the summit.

I was facing north. Gemini Peak is the taller bump in front.

Snow in July Unmelted snow in July. Amazing!
Bagel With Cream Cheese

Steve Garufi

Bill carried packages of bagels and cream cheese. At the summit, this was my celebratory food of choice. Mmmmm!

Did you know that I have a "Steve Eating" pinterest page? Check it out: Eating.

Hike To Mount Sherman Coming down, Bill on a steep rocky hill.


Bill and I.

Mountain views.

Mount Sherman summit.

Hiking this mountain was not too shabby.

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