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Mount Garfield In Grand Junction, Colorado

My Hike and Trail Photos to Mount Garfield, a Grand Junction Landmark Near Interstate 70

An Enjoyable Hike in Grand Junction ...
Mount Garfield (elevation 6,765 feet) is a landmark for Grand Junction and much of the Grand Valley. The peak appears foreboding to the common person -- as if it would be a treacherous climb to the top -- but a well-marked two-mile trail ascends 2,000 feet in elevation to reach the summit. I suppose this may not be the best trail if you are seeking quiet and solitude, as the roar of Interstate 70 was never far, but this hike offers much in variety and scenery. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Warning: After rainfall, the Mt. Garfield Trail could pose a problem as some steep sections may be too slippery.

Directions: From Interstate 70, turn off at Exit 42 in Palisade. Travel about 100 yards south and turn right (west) on G 7/10 Road. Travel past vineyards and peach stands for about two miles until you are forced to turn right (north). The road travels under Interstate 70 through a tunnel, and on the other side is the parking lot and trailhead.

Mount Garfield Colorado
The stunning view of Mount Garfield from Interstate 70 in Clifton.

Mount Garfield Colorado
The beauty of Mount Garfield (left) and the Book Cliffs from a neighborhood in Palisade.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Mt. Garfield Trailhead

Hike Photos

October 6, 2012 - At the trailhead, the weather was perfect.
Mount Garfield, CO The trail begins with a steep ascent before it flattens with this view.

I made a video at this spot. One mistake in my narration: I was only about 20%-25% of the way there, not 50%. :)

Mt. Garfield Trail A hiker in blue can be faintly seen in the larger photo.
Trail Mount Garfield Trail The trail continues and goes beside a cliff.

Two photos of the same general area, with me facing each direction.

Mount Garfield Colorado

Summit of Mount Garfield

This was a great hike. If you're visiting Grand Junction and want to get a solid hike in (something that isn't too tough or too easy), Mount Garfield would be a good choice.

Adjacent is the view toward Palisade. So pretty!

Mt. Garfield Summit

Mt. Garfield Colorado

Mt. Garfield

Three photos looking out.

The first shot was facing south, and then I turned to my right.

Colorado National Monument can be seen way out beyond the valley.

Book Cliffs Colorado The northerly view of the Book Cliffs.
The funny thing is, the summit view to the northeast looks flat and kind of boring.

Perhaps I shouldn't say "boring" though. It's still a rugged, western USA type of beauty that beats most parts of the country. :)

Steve Garufi Myself enjoying a glass of Rocky Mountain wine, which was made at one of Palisade's fine wineries.

I have been enjoying living and working in Fruita so far.

Palisade, Colorado One photo while coming down.

I loved this breathtaking view that includes the trailhead parking lot, Interstate 70, the town of Palisade, and the mountains comprising of Grand Mesa.

The trail beside vertical cliffs.

On the summit.

Those cliffs scare me!

Scenery as I was hiking down.

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