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Monument Canyon Trail In Colorado National Monument

Photos of My Loop Hike To Independence Monument; Returned Via The Wedding Canyon Trail

A hike into the heart of Colorado National Monument ...
With the trailhead in the Redlands (off of Broadway), the Monument Canyon Trail is an excellent choice for Grand Junction hikers. The trail travels 2.5 miles to the base of Independence Monument, and continues for miles to the upper Monument Canyon Trailhead at Rim Rock Drive. On this hike, I did the standard Monument Canyon Trail route from Broadway, and then returned via Wedding Canyon, making it a five-mile loop.

Monument Canyon Trail, CO
Nearly everywhere, red rock scenery like this abounds in Monument Canyon.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Fall Foliage


October 27, 2012 - My first photo was taken where the trail turns right into Monument Canyon.

As you can see, some fall foliage has lingered in the Grand Valley.

Monument Canyon Trail The main draw of this hike is that it leads to the base of Independence Monument. There it is, afar, left of center.
Grand Junction, CO The trail ascends into the canyon. It is not too difficult of a hike, but you will get a workout.

Adjacent is a beautiful view of Grand Junction and fall colors dotting the landscape. Mount Garfield is on the far left.

Some of the red rock scenery on the trail.

Snake I encountered a striped whipsnake.
Independence Monument

Independence Monument

After 2.5 miles, the trail reached Independence Monument.

From different spots, the rock structure appears very large or small.

Independence Monument Colorado From the south side of Independence Monument.
Independence Monument, CO


Two photos from the shady north side.

Notice the climber below the arrow. This is a large slab of rock!

Monument Canyon Trail, CO Another rock structure nearby.
Colorado National Monument Facing the cliffs that has the overlook at the end of Otto's Trail.
Steve Garufi Standing with Wedding Canyon behind me.

Snow is overrated. There's no question that heaven is a hot and blazing desert!

Window Rock in Colorado National Monument A closer view of Window Rock.
Wedding Canyon, Colorado One pretty shot as I hiked down Wedding Canyon. The town of Fruita and the Book Cliffs are in the distance.

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Definitely a pretty trail.

Red rock scenery all over.

Arrival at Independence Monument.

The south side of the rock structure.

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