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Extra Photos Of Montana And Links From My Weekend Trip - October 2006

Montana Sign Montana! On this page are extra photos of Montana from my visit. I did take a photo of the "Welcome To Montana" sign on Interstate 90 on the Wyoming / Montana border.
Heading south on Highway 89 toward Yellowstone National Park, here are mountain scenery photo. I know for sure that the peak in the bottom photo is Electric Peak, known for its frequent lightning activity.
Livingston, Montana The view of the mountains that are part of the Absaroka Mountain Range while standing on Main Street in Livingston.
Crazy Mountains Driving west on I-90, a view of the Crazy Mountains.
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park
~A~ and I visited Yellowstone National Park and had a really enjoyable time.
Livingston, Montana Neon Lights In Livingston, Montana
Special thanks to Clayton and ~A~ for the fun evening in downtown Livingston. ;)
Chadz Chadz Cafe
I was really impressed with the coziness of Chadz Cafe in Livingston. I would be there quite frequently, I'm sure, if I lived in that town!
Honda Accord Wheel Honda Accord Wheel
Driving back from Montana to Colorado, the road conditions were snowy and icy in some parts of Montana. While on an isolated stretch on the Crow Indian Reservation (south of Billings), the road became very slick! When I took a break in in Sheridan, Wyoming, these were the gnarly icicles and the "ice star" on the center of the wheels of my car. on Facebook

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