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Monarch Spur Trail In Salida, Colorado

An Excellent Trail Through Town
The Monarch Spur Trail is a paved, 2 1/2 mile right-of-way for hikers and bicyclists in Salida. It begins near the banks of the Arkansas River in downtown Salida and heads west. On a semi-warm day in November 2013, I biked the trail and took a few photos. My better ones are below.

Directions: The trail begins at the intersection of G Street and W. Sackett in Salida. Or, if you need a landmark, it starts in front of the Salida Steamplant Theater.

Monarch Spur Trail, CO
The Monarch Spur Trail crosses many streets,where motorists are required to yield to hikers and bicyclists. Above is a photo of the trail as it crosses First Street.

Salida, Colorado
Over a mile out, I stopped and turned back to photograph the grand view of S Mountain and the mountains behind. Pretty!

Monarch Spur Trail, Colorado
Chipeta Peak stands afar as the trail continues west. Eventually, it finishes at the Walmart parking lot on the far west side of Salida.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Salida, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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