Moab, Utah

One of the most glorious places on earth ...
If you've been to Moab, Utah, then you don't need an explanation as to why I created this page. The red rock scenery, trails, canyons and national parks ...

Arches National Park, Utah
A sunny view of red rock cliffs in the Courthouse Towers area of Arches National Park.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Landscape Arch, Utah Extra Moab Images - Extra photos of scenery from a one-day visit in September 2013.
Partition Arch, Utah Partition Arch - It is my opinion that this is best-kept secret in Arches National Park. So beautiful!

Three other arches during my September 2013 visit:
  • Navajo Arch
  • Pine Tree Arch
  • Tunnel Arch
  • Thompson Springs Petroglyphs Sego Canyon Petroglyphs - In a canyon north of Thompson Springs, Utah, are some remarkable Indian petroglyphs and pictographs.
    Fisher Towers, Utah Fisher Towers - A 2.2 mile hike (one way) around the bases of the Fisher Towers. This is a popular place for vertical climbers as well.

    Potash Road, Utah Potash Road - Stunning red rock scenery from Moab to Potash. Potash Road is Utah State Highway 279.
    Canyonlands National Park, Utah Moab Scenery - Extra "no fit" scenery photos around Moab from my March 2013 visit.
    Mesa Arch, Utah Mesa Arch - The most popular arch in Canyonlands National Park (Island in the Sky district).
    Looking Glass Rock, Utah Looking Glass Rock - Yet another amazing rock structure that's south of Moab and near Wilson Arch. Accessed from Looking Glass Road.
    Jug Handle Arch - Located about 12 miles up the canyon on Potash Road.

    Wilson Arch, Utah Wilson Arch - Located on Highway 191, south of La Sal, Utah and between milemarkers 100 and 101.
    Utah Scenery Utah Scenery - A collection of extra photos taken from my 2012 visit to Moab.
    Morning Glory Natural Bridge Morning Glory Natural Bridge - A trail that leads to Morning Glory Bridge in Negro Bill Canyon.
    Park Avenue Trail - An easy one mile trail in the Courthouse Towers section of Arches National Park.
    Corona Arch Corona Arch - A large, beautiful arch outside Moab. The trailhead is accessed from Potash Road.
    Ring Arch Ring Arch - An obscure arch that's not even marked on the NPS map in Arches National Park. Located in the Courthouse Wash area.
    Tower Arch Tower Arch - A spectacular and less-visited arch in the Klondike Bluffs section of Arches National Park.
    Double O Arch Double O Arch - An arch beyond Landscape Arch in the Devils Garden in Arches National Park.

    On this hike, I also visited Dark Angel.

    Delicate Arch Arches National Park - A large photo gallery of numerous arches from a one-day visit to Arches National Park in 2009.
    Moab, Utah Moab, UT Winter Visit - I spent three and a half days in Moab during New Year's 2010. Moab was cold and snowy. Above is my main index page; below are pages dedicated to arches.
  • Sand Dune Arch
  • Broken Arch
  • Delicate Arch
  • Landscape Arch
  • Balanced Rock

    I also did my best to photograph the sunset each night. :)

  • Eastern Utah Road - An unnamed road that leads to Westwater Canyon and the Colorado River. (Accessed from DS Road in Colorado.)
    1994 Road Trip - My photos of Arches National Park and elsewhere in Utah during my road trip around America at age 23.

    Green River, Utah and the San Rafael Swell

    ... has its own section!

    Check out my photos of hikes, arches and canyons in the San Rafael Swell.

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