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Mississippi High Point - Woodall Mountain (alt. 806 feet)

My Visit To The Highest Point In Mississippi, Located Near Iuka, MS - October 28, 2010

Mississippi's Highest Natural Point - Woodall Mountain
Woodall Mountain, elevation 806 feet, is located near Iuka, Mississippi in the far northeast corner of the state. This hill is privately owned, and owners generously welcome high pointers to visit. Please be respectful and courteous on their private property. This mountain can be accessed by car. I don't know if a hiking trail exists, but I'm sure an ambitious and experienced hiker could bushwack their way up the woods.

Directions: From the junction of Highways 72 and 25 in Iuka, Mississippi, travel south on Highway 25 for approximately one mile. Turn right (west) on County Road 187; a large green sign for Woodall Mountain exists at this turn and for the two more turns that needs to be made. Travel on County Road 187 (Fairground Road) for 0.4 miles and make a left on County Road 176. Go 0.7 miles and turn right onto Woodall Mountain Road, which is a one mile well-maintained dirt road that leads to the summit.

Summit Photo Mississippi High Point
Beautiful scenery at Woodall Mountain on a sunny October morning.

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Woodall Mountain, MS
I began my morning in Tupelo, Mississippi, and I approached the turn off (County Road 187) from Highway 25 coming from the south.
Woodall Mountain, Mississippi This large sign stands at the base of Woodall Mountain Road.

Very interesting... Woodall Mountain is a monadnock or hill with a caprock that offers more erosion resistance than the surrounding land. The rusty color of the rock and soil is a sandstone with traces of iron.

Woodall Mountain Road Traveling up the dirt road.
Woodall Mountain, Mississippi I had the entire mountain to myself! :)
Woodall Mountain, MS Important Civil War battles were fought in the vicinity.
Radio towers and cell phone towers dot the summit.

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  • Woodall Mountain Overlook Trees block most of the mountain views. However, a tree cutting for utility lines provides a slither of the grand scenery.


    I was intentionally subdued after my animated thoughts during the Louisiana High Point video. :p)

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