On A Minnesota Farm

Photos of Farming Equipment, Sugar Beets, Flat Minnesota Scenery and More - November 2007

Minnesota Sugar Beet Farm
Farm Truck
John Deere Tractor
November 14-16, 2007 - After visiting Andrea in Nebraska, I drove northeast to a farm near Moorehead, Minnesota to see my friend Mark and his family.

I snapped various photos of his farm -- sugar beets is his primary crop -- and Mark had all sorts of large trucks and tractors on his land!

Farm Bins
Farm Truck John Deere Tractor
Yeah baby ...
Farming rocks the house!
Minnesota Farm
Sugar Beet Farm
Farm Bins
Farm Equipment
Farm Bins
Mark has metal bins for storage of something that he told me about but I forgot. :p)

I climbed to the top of the tallest bin and captured the grand view in the second photo. The beauty of western Minnesota is much more subtle than Colorado's mountains. The wide open spaces, largeness of the sky and simplicity of the land has an appeal all to itself.

Minnesota Farm Truck Mark's 1976 Ford dump truck died on him on this dirt road. When the truck stopped, I pulled the dump truck via a rope in a pick-up truck for about five miles to a truck repair business. The fastest I could go was about 10 miles per hour for much of the ride! That was my first farming advenure in a long time!
Old Trucks The farm has these three old trucks laying around. Beautiful!

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  • Danger Rotating Pulley Ouch! Farming can be a dangerous. :(
    Minnesota Farm Road Your typical farm dirt road, taken near Glyndon, Minnesota.
    Trailer Truck
    Dirt Road
    I drove one of Mark's huge tractor-trailers! :)
    John Deere Tractor
    John Deere Tractor Tractor Wheel
    John Deere Tractor
    Mark took me for a ride in his newest John Deere tractor.

    That vehicle had a lot of acceleration and very good turning ability. Very nice!

    Farming Sugar Beets
    Sugar Beet Farmer Sugar Beet Sugar Beet
    Mark is a proud sugar beet farmer who grows this annual crop on hundreds of acres of flat Minnesota farmland. He walked on one of his fields and grabbed a stray sugar beet that was not picked up during harvest time. A sugar beet looks similar to a radish, with the inside appearing similar to a raw potato. The inside has a whitish pulp texture. I stuck my tongue on it and it was sweet ... like sugar. Sugar beets like these, along with sugar cane (grown in tropical areas), are the two plants that provide sugar for humanity. Mark harvests millions of these little sugar beets. Go Mark go!

    Minnesota Sunset
    Extra Minnesota Photos

    A Minnesota sunset.

    Detroit Lakes, Minnesota A visit to Detroit Lakes.
    Bonfire On the last night, Mark and the family had an evening bonfire. There's a picture of my feet near the fire.

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