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My Friends And I At Rocky Mountain Mini-Golf In Salida, Colorado - September 6, 2006

Rocky Mountain Mini-Golf I had a bunch of friends in town and one afternoon we played mini-golf in Salida. (Mini-golf, miniature golf, putt putt ... whatever you want to call it!)
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf
The course is located right on Highway 50 in Salida, and it is a well-maintained course with a really nice water theme.

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  • Miniature Golf Nick stands beside the course rules sign. We originally considered having a Ryder Cup theme with players divided up into two teams by international lines, but instead played as individuals.
    Miniature Golf Look at the amazing tie-dye ball I played with. I love it! :)
    Miniature Golf Scott putting on the second hole. Um, I'll try to be tactful here: Scott's putting skills were just a *tad below average* for the round! ;)
    Miniature Golf On the fourth hole, I straddled a roped fence that really hurt a particular area of my body. It was the only way I could get a normal swing on my ball! :o)
    Miniature Golf Miniature Golf Laura from Great Britian (left) was really amused at the set of three colorful girly colors! On the right, Kansas Kelly was photographed having a tantrum.
    Miniature Golf The sixth hole was a fairly "forgiving" hole and this was the set-up of our balls after we had all shot. Notice that my ball was closest! :)
    Miniature Golf Nick tries to break his club with his upper leg after missing a putt.

    Miniature Golf
    Miniature Golf
    Ahhhhhhhh ... this course has lots of summer flowers! :)

    Kelly took a short break to photograph the bright flowers on the eighth hole and I got a little carried away with the red snap dragons. :p) Those pink and purple flowers are on the third hole.
    Miniature Golf Miniature Golf Paul shows his miniature golf form and Rhonda watches the ball she just hit.
    Steve Somewhere on the back nine, I got in a little tizzy with this big ol' pine tree! :)
    Miniature Golf Folks, this is definitely a nice mini-golf course! :)
    Miniature Golf After the 17th hole, Scott jammed his green golf ball in his mouth.
    Miniature Golf It was around that point that I held my putter solely with my chin, which really hurt! :o)
    Miniature Golf Laura prepares to putt.
    Miniature Golf A nice group photo! :)
    Golf Scorecard And there's the scorecard. I won with a score of 44. Oh yeah!

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