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Mike The Headless Chicken - Fruita, Colorado

A Fruita rancher and his chickens ...
It seems like every Colorado community has a folk story that defines its town, and in Fruita, we have Mike The Headless Chicken. It's a bit confusing, but the story goes that in the 1950s a chicken on a ranch had its head chopped off, and somehow it survived for days and days. Over the years, Mike The Headless Chicken has inspired many residents of Fruita, and it's the reason for our annual festival in the third weekend of May.

Mike The Headless Chicken
There he is, Mike the Headless Chicken, memorialized in a beautiful metal sculpture.

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Mike The Headless Chicken


Mike the Headless Chicken is located on the southwest corner of Aspen Street and Mulberry Street.

He's in front of the Aspen Street Coffee House.

Mike The Headless Chicken

Mike The Headless Chicken in Fruita

Two more photos of this handsome chicken.

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  • Mike The Headless Chicken I love the feathers on this chicken!
    Mike's legs and feet.
    Metal artwork by Lyle Nichols.

    Old Horn

    Some of the items that comprise the sculpture.

    A horseshoe.
    A horn.

    Headless Chicken in Fruita, Colorado When I get the blues, I hang out with Mike The Headless Chicken in Fruita! :)


    A superb work of metal art.

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