Great Sand Dunes National Park

Mayflower Gulch, Colorado

Scenic Hike and Area Near Copper Mountain and Fremont Pass

Mayflower Gulch June 10, 2006 - Mayflower Gulch is located between Copper Mountain and Fremont Pass and has a small parking lot on the east side of the highway.

On this page are my photos from our hike.

Steve It was June 10, and there was still much snow on the trail, which leads about two miles in forest before reaching timberline.
Mayflower Gulch Beyond timberline, we had grand views of the Ten Mile Range. Many old mining structures remaining in the gulch.
Colorado Rocky Mountains A pretty mountain view to the north.
Steve in Mayflower Gulch

We didn't summit any mountains. We merely hiked to the uppermost base of the gulch. I'm in the top photo, and my friend Scott is in the bottom photo.

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