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Maryland High Point - Backbone Mountain

Photos Of Our Hike To Backbone Mountain (Elevation 3,360 Feet) In Western Maryland - August 22, 2008

Maryland High Point After visiting Mount Davis, the Pennsylvania High Point, Bernie and I drove to western Maryland to hike Maryland's high point. At least this one required hiking. Our hike was a 700 foot ascent in a distance of one mile (one way).

Directions from the north: Travel on State Highway 219 south in western Maryland and drive into West Virginia. At Silver Lake, West Virginia, there is a junction of Highways 24 (on the right - going west) and Highway 219. From this point, the trailhead is 1.1 miles south on Highway 219 on the left. Park on the highway's shoulder and hike up the dirt road. The road is on private property, so be respectful and don't wonder off the trail. There are numerous orange blazes on trees guiding high pointers to the summit. Near the top, the route turns left onto a clearly marked trail with large cairns. Interestingly, much of this hike is located in West Virginia with only a few hundred feet in Maryland.

Do enjoy the video of Bernie at the bottom of the page. I think it is a fun one! I have really caught the high pointing bug! :)

Right Photo: Myself and Bernie standing on Backbone Mountain, the highest point in Maryland. We had the entire mountain to ourselves!


Maryland Highest Point
Hike To Backbone Mountain, Maryland

A wooden sign on a tree at the trailhead on Highway 219 in West Virginia.

Maryland High Point As I said, there are numerous orange blazes on trees and conspicuous markings like this one.
Hiking up the bumpy dirt road.

Lots of pretty forest out there!

Maryland High Point
Maryland High Point Maryland High Point
Arrival at Maryland's high point!

According to the sign, this particular spot was named Hoye Crest -- a dedication to a local resident -- but the mountain itself is called Backbone Mountain.

Adjacent are two photos of Bernie and myself.

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Backbone Mountain, MD There was one nice view that had some trees knocked down. Somewhere out there is the headwaters to the Potomac River.
Text Message Steve Two miscellaneous photos.

I have begun the habit of texting people to declare when I am standing at the loftiest points in U.S. states and Colorado peaks.

Special thanks to my bottle of Gatorade. Friends, if you are an experienced hiker, this hike will not be a huge deal, but don't be overconfident. There are a few steep sections of trail that will kick your butt if you don't take the trail seriously.

Maryland and West Virginia Border Nearby is a marker for the vertical border between West Virginia and Maryland. on Facebook

Miscellaneous Photos Along The Way

We entered into Maryland from Pennsylvania and drove south the entire way on Highway 219. Bernie was intrigued by the town name of Accident, Maryland, and we stopped to take pictures.

Maryland Accident, Maryland
A Maryland ski area. Maryland Ski Run
If you have extra time, you might want to visit the smallest church in the lower 48 states in Silver Lake, West Virginia. It is right off the highway.

Maryland High Point Video

Total silliness. We had a good time on the summit. :)

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