Manhattan, NY's High Point - Bennett Park (Elevation 265 feet)

My Visit To The Highest Natural Point In New York City's Most Densely Populated Borough

Manhattan High Point Manhattan High Point

Today younger brother Mark and his fiance (both Manhattan residents) went on an adventure with me to the highest point in Manhattan, the most densely populated borough of New York City. Yes, this particular area in the city of New York is well-known for its stunning and tall buildings and high lookouts, but the particular spot we sought was the highest natural point created by Mother Nature. :)

Directions: This one is easy. A map search on Google with the keywords "James Gordon Bennett Park" and "Manhattan" will give you a decent map. Bennett Park is a square park in northern Manhattan surrounded by W. 183 Street, Pinehurst Ave., W. 185 Street and Fort Washington Avenue. The neighborhood is generally known as Washington Heights, although the west side of the island is termed "Hudson Heights" by some. Walk two blocks west of the park to enjoy a grand view of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge as well.

Special thanks to Mark and Wendy for driving me up there. This was their first high point and I think my high pointing enthusiasm rubbed off on them a little! :)

Enjoy the photos and video below!


New York City
The Walk To Bennett Park - Manhattan's High Point

August 2008 - In some respects, this really did feel like a hike! We parked near W. 181 St. and Cabrini Boulevard and while it was hardly rigorous, an ascent was unmistakable along the two blocks to the high point.

This was the westerly view at the point we began. We could see the George Washington Bridge sticking its head out there.

Wendy and Mark New York City We walked up a lengthy staircase and reached a cul de sac on Pinehurst Avenue.
Bennett Park, NY Manhattan Highest Point
James Gordon Bennett Park
We arrived at Bennett Park and saw the marker beside this black fence. There it is! The highest point in Manhattan is this large rock! You can climb over the fence or you can walk around to the entrance gate.
Manhattan Highest Point Manhattan Highest Point All of my visits to high points are special and this was definitely a memorable visit. I marveled over the fact that among the millions of people all over Manhattan, that I was standing above all of them on this natural high point!

LEFT: Mark and Wendy pose at the high point. They enjoyed themselves and Mark stated he might be interested in visiting the highest points of the four other boroughs of New York City: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. (Note: The highest point in the entire city is located in the Todt Hill area of Staten Island.)

Mark also has snapped photos of many of New York City's bridges over the years.

Manhattan High Point
Manhattan Highest Point Manhattan Highest Point
Manhattan Highest Point
An assortment of photos of Manhattan's high point.

This is my first non-U.S. state high point. Some of my better visits:

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  • Manhattan High Point One last photo of this beautiful high point.

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    Pigeon Pigeons
    Do Not Feed The Pigeons
    Pigeons! Many local New Yorkers call them flying rats ... and for good reason.

    Many pigeons were stationed in Bennett Park. In Colorado, the most common mountaineering hazards are altitude sickness (including extreme dehydration), being struck by lightning, getting lost or tumbling perilously down a ridge or cliff. However, while high pointing in New York City, getting a pricey parking ticket or having a pigeon "drop a bomb" on your head might be your greatest hazards! :p)

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    Manhattan High Point Video

    My video.

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