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Louisiana High Point - Driskill Mountain

My Hike To The Louisiana High Point In Northern Louisiana - October 26, 2010

Louisiana's Highest Natural Point - Driskill Mountain (elevation 535 feet)
Driskill Mountain, the Louisiana high point, is appoximately 15 miles southwest of Ruston. It is ranked 48th in height among all 50 U.S. state high points, with only Florida and Delaware having lower high points. This is an enjoyable 0.8 mile hike in the woods of northern Louisiana. Although there is an ascent on the hike, it is an easy walk. The trail comprises of an old gated logging road on private property that the owner has generously allowed for visitors to enjoy. Please be respectful of the owners when hiking on this land.

Directions: From Ruston, Louisiana, travel west on Interstate 20. At exit 77, travel south (left) on Highway 507. The trailhead is approximately twelve miles on Highway 507. (Note that at about the six mile mark, a sharp left needs to be made to stay on 507.) Once you cross Highway 147, you're only 2-3 miles away. The trailhead can be somewhat difficult to see from the road, but it is located beside the very noticeable Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church and Driskill Memorial Cemetery.

Driskill Mountain Louisiana
Me and Kathey at the high point. You've got to love the Razorbacks vs. LSU clash in attire! :)

Two Videos

Just showing the wooded scenery at the Louisiana High Point.

From New Orleans to Shreveport, from Baton Rogue to Alexandria, it felt great to be standing about everyone in Louisiana!

Logging Truck

Logging Truck

Logging Truck

The Adventure To The Louisiana High Point

My friend Kathey in Joneboro wanted to hike with me to Driskill Mountain. We agreed to meet at the junction of Louisiana Highways 507 and 147.

Kathey called to tell me she was running late, and it didn't help that a large and slow logging truck was in front of her. Finally she arrived, but first, the logging truck pulled over in front of me! Talk about being a big ass truck! :)

Then the truck driver got out and walked over to Kathey's car. Apparently the poor guy was lost and needed directions.

Driskill Mountain Trailhead Onward we traveled to the high point trailhead. This black sign for Driskill Mountain can be seen along Highway 507.
Driskill Mountain Trail The trailhead.
Driskill Mountain Trail A pleasant hike in the forest.
Driscoll Mountain, Louisiana Just follow the signs ...
Louisiana High Point ... and there it is, the top of Driskill Mountain (alt. 535 feet).

This was my 18th U.S. state high point. My previous 17 in the order I visited them: New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

UPDATE: Also Mississippi and Missouri.

Driskill Mountain A short pathway leads to an overlook. A small clearing of trees provides a view of a nearby hill.
Afterward, Kathey and I met with Rhonda, Melissa and Michelle for dinner in Ruston. I am so grateful for these good friends in northern Louisiana. :)


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