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Looking Glass Rock - South of Moab, Utah

Another enchanting place in southeast Utah ...
Looking Glass Rock is another off-the-beaten-path rock structure that is worth a visit if you love the arches and red rock scenery around Moab, Utah. Firstly, it should be noted that this is named Looking Glass Rock; it is not officially an arch, even though some refer to it as "Looking Glass Arch" online. I don't know how definitions go, but just because a rock has a hole in it, doesn't necessarily make it an arch.

When you approach the rock from Looking Glass Road, the rock looks like a modest butte. However, it has three distinct sides: the butte as you approach, the side with the small hole (the trailhead side), and then the massive rock opening. Make sure you go to that third and final side!

Directions: From Moab, travel south on Highway 191 past the La Sal, Utah exit. (Looking Glass Road & Highway 191 is north of Wilson Arch by a mile or two.) Turn west at Looking Glass Rock Road; there are signs on both sides of the highway. Travel on the dirt road for approximately two miles to the ordinary butte on the left, and follow the signs to the Looking Glass Rock trailhead on the left.

Looking Glass Rock, Utah
A spectacular opening in the rock awaits your company. Nothing beats southeastern Utah scenery ... nothing.

Looking Glass Rock, Utah
Yours truly at Looking Glass Rock. You must enjoy this in person!

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Looking Glass Road, UT


Approaching Looking Glass Road on Highway 191.
Looking Glass Rock If the sign is ever removed, I believe you go about two miles (my best guess) and it's the second left ... it veers at a "Y." The butte will be on your left.
Looking Glass Rock, Utah

Looking Glass Rock, Utah

From the trailhead, it is a short hike to the base.

Now this is the "second side" to Looking Glass Rock. At first glance, I'd say the hole itself is impressive, but nothing to go wild about.

Looking Glass Rock, UT I got as close as I could to the hole in the rock. It was then that I noticed there was a gigantic opening on the other side. Go around to see it!
Looking Glass Rock Utah Another view of the rock hole.

It's a short hike around the rock structure and ...

Looking Glass Rock Utah ... then you'll see it.

Looking Glass Rock in all her majesty.

Looking Glass Rock, Utah The hole that seemed small and ordinary, suddenly becomes the final touches on a masterful red rock site.
Looking Glass Rock, Utah I'm sure there are courageous and skilled climbers who reach the base of the hole, but I'm a wimp.

No worries though, I had the entire place to myself and soaked in the desert scenery.

Steve Garufi in Utah Me surrounded by orange rock.
Utah Scenery The Utah scenery from Looking Glass Rock are great. I'm not sure what mountains those are. Let me know I'm my Facebook page and I'll update this section.


The first section.

An amazing place. My heart was filled with joy. :)

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