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"L Mountain" In Loma, Colorado

A landmark in Loma, Colorado
Loma is a small and unincorporated town west of Fruita with proud families in the ranching and farming industries. More recently, some suburban homes have been built in Loma for those who commute to jobs in Grand Junction. If you drive on Interstate 70, you'll probably notice the "L" made of white rocks on the small peak, which I've named "L Mountain." There's no question this mountain is modest for Colorado standards, but who cares? It's always enjoyable to hike and be in the outdoors.

Loma, Colorado
The view of L Mountain from Interstate 70 near milemarker 13. This is west of exit 15, the turnoff for Loma.

L Mountain, Colorado
Another view of L Mountain as I traveled eastbound on Interstate 70 between Mack and Loma.
Loma, Colorado
Mack Ridge stands tall with L Mountain on the far right. The Colorado Port of Entry for truckers is in the foreground.
L Mountain
L Mountain comes into view on the dirt road adjacent to Interstate 70. This region is popular for mountain bikers who enjoy Kokopelli's Trail and other bike trails on Mack Ridge.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Loma, Colorado


Directions: From Grand Junction, travel west on Interstate 70 to exit 15. Then turn left, cross over the highway and turn right (west). A short distance ahead is a sign for the Kokopelli Trailhead -- make that left turn on a dirt road that will run adjacent to Interstate 70 all the way to Mack. L Mountain is approximately 1.5 miles ahead. You can't miss it.

Here's a photo of the Loma sign as I came off the Interstate.

L Mountain, Colorado

L Mountain

TOP: My hike began with a photo of L Mountain in all her majesty. Honestly, this was a very easy hike and I think it only took me ten minutes to reach the summit. From the road, it may be only a 250 foot ascent to the summit. There is no trail.

SECOND: A zoom-in photo of the L.

L Mountain in Loma, Colorado

Loma, Colorado


On The Summit

The views are grand on L Mountain!

TOP: Looking across the Grand Valley with the Book Cliffs afar.
SECOND: Toward the Loma with Grand Mesa beyond on the right.
THIRD: Facing west as Interstate 70 heads toward the Utah state line.

Some of my hikes in the region from Fruita to the Utah state line:
  • Dinosaur Hill
  • Opal Hill
  • Rabbit's Ear Mesa
  • Trail Through Time
  • Cowboy Hat Tower
  • Lizard Canyon
  • Monument Canyon Trail
  • Utah State Line (video)
  • Utah State Line I-70 (video)
  • Mack Ridge Colorado Snow highlights some of the slopes of Mack Ridge.
    Steve Garufi Yours truly. It was good to get a short hike in. :)

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    The scenery on the summit.

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