Little Pikes Peak (13,363') - Colorado Springs, CO

My Hike From Devil's Playground To This 13er On The Pikes Peak Highway

Little Pikes Peak sits in the shadows of Pikes Peak ...
Visiting Colorado Springs for the day, I wanted to squeeze in a high elevation hike and opted to take on Little Pikes Peak. Starting at the Devils Playground, I hiked one mile each way on the trail that leads to Pikes Peak, with a modest elevation gain of 450 feet. This would make an excellent short hike for someone from a low elevation area who desires to train and adjust to Colorado's highest elevations.

Little Pikes Peak, CO
The view of Pikes Peak from Crystal Reservoir, with an arrow above Little Pikes Peak.

Trail To Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak on the left, Little Pikes Peak on the right, and the Pikes Peak Highway adjacent to my route on the right.

Little Pikes Peak, Colorado
Another view of Little Pikes Peak (center) from the Pikes Peak Highway, uphill.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest

Pikes From Colorado Springs


September 1, 2012 - I visited Colorado Springs to buy a new laptop at Best Buy store on N. Academy Boulevard. My first photo was taken from Garden of the Gods Road with a decent view of Pikes Peak.
Pikes Peak Highway Sign

Pikes Peak Highway, CO

With it being Labor Day weekend, the Pikes Peak Toll Road was very busy, but that was okay. Why rush through such amazing mountain scenery?
Teller County, CO High Point

My Hike Begins

I parked in the Devils Playground parking lot and joined the trail that leads to the summit of Pikes Peak. This is the same trail that begins near the Crags trailhead.

At the beginning, I turned back to snap this photo of the hill across the road. That, my friends, is the Teller County high point!

Pikes Peak Highway and Trail Hiking with the Pikes Peak road on my right. The route all the way to Pikes Peak is well-marked and stays left of the road.

Obviously I recommend that you have a good topographical map with you. The National Geographic Trails Illustrated map titled "Pikes Peak / Canon City" covers this region.

Pikes Peak and Little Pikes Peak Little Pikes Peak comes into view on the right.
Pikes Peak Highway Photo I will admit the noise and activity from the road takes something away from the experience, but so what? You're still in the mountains.
Pikes Peak Highway and Trail A look back at the road and the steep cliff on the north side of Pikes Peak.
Pikes Peak and Little Pikes Peak The trail continued toward Pikes Peak (left) and Little Pikes Peak (right), and goes right by the base of this hill.

Little Pikes Peak Colorado

It's a fun scrambled near the summit ...

A cigar to celebrate at the top. :)

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    Summit Views on Little Pikes Peak

    The view of Pikes Peak with the road working its way up.
    Large rocks on the summit with mountains afar.
    Little Pikes Peak, CO Facing west.
    Little Pikes Peak

    Little Pikes Peak, Colorado

    From the direction that I had come from.
    The city of Colorado Springs stands afar in the background.
    Steering Wheel Looking way out toward the west, the Sawatch Range and Mosquito Range could be seen.
    Steering Wheel If you have an affinity for the Pikes Peak Highway, you'll like the views from this mountain. This photo shows a steep section. :)

    Video On The Summit

    I also made videos of the Pikes Peak Highway and Glen Cove on the way up.

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