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Photos of Lightning In Chaffee County, Colorado - August 11, 2006

I had returned from photographing the sunset at Independence Pass when I noticed extreme lightning and a thunderstorm happening in Chaffee County. I was in the area of Twin Lakes when I first noticed lightning consistenly popping in the sky every two to three seconds, and when I reached Buena Vista (where I live) and found a dark spot outside of town and began photographing the lightning show!
Lightning Now my digital camera is "average" - It's a Canon A85 with 4.0 megapixels, and while I don't have any kind of long exposure feature to capture lightning, I found success with the rapid photo feature. Again, the lightning was so constant (every two to three seconds) that I captured some good lightning photos.
Lightning Oooooooh! I like this one! :)
Lightning Look at those purple shades! This reminded me of the Buena Vista fireworks Show.
There was thunder happening all around, with occasional lightning illuminating Mount Princeton. I really wanted a shot of a bright purple lightning strike that woudl illuminate Mount Princeton, but it was not meant to be. Adjacent was my best shot.
A lightning strike in the mountains. on Facebook

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