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Bicycling In Leadville, Colorado

Photos of Mt. Massive, Mt. Elbert and Town of Leadville

Leadville, Colorado
Leadville, Colorado
Leadville, Colorado
November 2007 - I had a window of time for play and I biked around Leadville in Lake County on a sunny afternoon. I wanted to train at a high elevation -- as I would be biking across America months later -- and Leadville seemed like the best option.

I cycled throughout town, including climbing a number of hills. Adjacent are three photos of the mountains. 14ers Mount Elbert and Mount Massive look so beautiful no matter where you are in town.

Leadville Hostel

On one climb, I stopped to rest in front of the Leadville Hostel. I've stayed there and do recommend it. It's a quality hostel.

Leadville, Colorado Harrison Avenue in Leadville.
Leadville, Colorado
Leadville, Colorado
I did a lot of riding. Adjacnet is the northerly view of town that includes the Mosquito Range. In the bottom photo, that's West Dyer Mountain, Mount Sherman (center) and Mount Sheridan (right).
Leadville People's Bank 44 degrees is not cold for Leadville's standards in November! ;)
Leadville, Colorado
Leadville, Colorado
Two more photos around Leadville.

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    Extra Colorado Photos In The Area
    Colorado Bighorn Sheep
    While traveling to Leadville, I spotted a large group of bighorn sheep on the side of the road in Granite.

    Bighorn Sheep
    They seemed unalarmed at my presence.

    Mount Elbert Colorado
    A nice view of Mount Elbert from U.S. Highway 24, south of Leadville.

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