Landscape Arch In Arches National Park

My Photos of Landscape Arch - February 2009 Landscape Arch
Over time, I plan to pack this page with many images of Landscape Arch. For now, here are my three best photos of this remarkable site. Landscape Arch looks so delicate, doesn't it? Perhaps it should be called Delicate Arch ... but that name is already taken. In fact, I've heard a few Arches National Park enthusiasts suggest Landscape Arch and Delicate Arch should switch their names.
Landscape Arch
My visit to this arch was during the afternoon, when the sun was directly behind the arch. (I am not happy with the two photos above.) Although I have never done it, from a photography standpoint, I recommend visiting Landscape Arch first thing in the morning! You will be tempted to stop at Balanced Rock and other sites on the way, but don't ... avid photographers visit this first! On my next visit, I surely will. :)
Landscape Arch
The view of Landscape Arch as I approached it from the trail.
Landscape Arch
Information about when a significant chunk of rock broke off the arch in 1991.
Landscape Arch
Sadly, the trail that goes underneath is closed, but it is probably for the best. I become really nervous standing under any of these arches!

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