Lake Village, Arkansas

My Photos of Beautiful Lake Chicot and the Town of Lake Village, Arkansas - October 27, 2010

Lake Chicot - A Jewel In The Arkansas Delta
Lake Chicot Arkansas

Lake Chicot, located in southeast Arkansas, is the largest natural oxbow lake in the nation. Apparently the lake formed in 1350 when the Mississippi River changed its route, leaving a thin horseshoe shaped lake that was part of the old river route. Today I paid a visit to Lake Village, located on the western banks of Lake Chicot.

Now this town has sentimental value to me. My first encounter with Lake Village was when I came through on my bike across America trip in 2008. Two and a half years later, it was so nice to see the wooded scenery on U.S. Highway 82 all over again.

Fishing, boating, water skiing and camping are popular outdoor activities on Lake Chicot. Regretfully I did not have time to visit Lake Chicot State Park, located north of Lake Village. From what I read, anglers consider Lake Chicot a good place for fishing of bluegills, channel catfish, largemouth bass and red ear sunfish.

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Lake Chicot, AR

Lake Chicot reaches the eastern edge of Lake Village's town center.

Lake Chicot, AR An ampitheater was constructed for various performances. What a great background view of the lake!
Lake Chicot Arkansas

Lake Chicot, Arkansas

Lake Village, AR

My friend Kellee was meeting me in town.

In the meantime, I walked on a pier. Lake Chicot seemed calm with small and steady waves against the banks. I know it's only a lake, but it's a large one, and it felt like I could be swept away into feeling like I was at the beach. :)

Kellee and I.
Lake Village, Arkansas Kellee brought me to the Chamber of Commerce office. The friendly executive director gave me a free long sleeve t-shirt that read, "Lake Chicot - Lake Village, Arkansas - Home of Good Fishing." How kind!

As we walked out, I captured this shot of Main Street in Lake Village.

Rhoda's Hot Tamales

Rhoda's Tamales

Kellee suggested we have lunch at Rhoda's Famous Hot Tamales. From the outside, the building looks like a shack. When I drove past it coming into town, it didn't catch my eye among the old and worn-out buildings ...

... But don't let the outside scare you, this is a popular place for locals to enjoy tamales, burgers, hot lunch entrees, homemade pies and what is known as "soul food." I enjoyed a plate tamales, white rice and some of the best sweet potatoes I have ever had.

Rhoda's Famous Hot Tamales was made "famous" by a story done by NPR.

Lake Chicot, AR A photo of Lake Chicot as I drove south on South Lakeshore Drive.
Lake Chicot, AR

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Kellee was a great host for 90 minutes before needing to go to work. Our final visit was to the Arkansas State Visitor Center on Highway 82. Adjacent is a photo from yet another pier over the lake.

When I entered the visitor center, the front desk host was so friendly and asked where I was heading in Arkansas. Well, I was sad to tell her that I had been in Arkansas for six days, mainly spending my time in northwest Arkansas to hike and attend the Razorbacks game vs. Ole Miss. Within the hour, I would leave Arkansas by crossing the Mississippi River to spend two days in Mississippi and Memphis. I was sad to leave Arkansas! :(

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