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Lake County Roads 10 & 24 and Mt. Elbert Forebay

Photos of Colorado Mountain Scenery Near Twin Lakes, Colorado In Lake County - August 2, 2009

Lake County Road 10 This morning I was en route to Leadville to bike the 12-mile Leadville Mineral Belt Trail (photos coming; stay tuned!), but first, I explored an area of Lake County between Leadville and Twin Lakes. Lake County Road 10 is located near the headwaters of the Arkansas River, meeting with Highway 24 on the west side of the highway. I begin this pictorial with the adjacent photo of Mt. Elbert standing tall in the background of the road.
Lake County Road 10 Lake County Road 10 turns south and travels along a wide open and isolated high desert area. Some nice views of the mountains from this vantage point!
Mt. Elbert, CO A view of Mt. Elbert to the west.
Mt. Elbert The road splits and I chose the veer right onto Lake County Road 24. Just look at that view of Mt. Elbert. Sigh!
Lake County, CO The view looking back toward the east side of the valley. Somewhere out there the summit of Mt. Sherman can probably be seen.
Mt. Elbert, CO

Mt. Massive, CO

On the right side of the dirt road was a grand view of Mt. Massive, Mt. Elbert and South Elbert.

TOP: Mt. Elbert, the Colorado High Point, is on the right. Also, South Elbert, a sister peak of Mt. Elbert that isn't regarded by most as a "real 14er," is summit to the left of Mt. Elbert.

MIDDLE: Looking toward Mt. Massive. Those piles of dirt and rocks were likely created from mining activity from Colorado's settlement era.

BOTTOM: You may have seen it in the middle photo, but I zoomed-in as much as I could to show you some old structures that were likely related to mining or ranching.

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    Mt. Elbert, CO

    Twin Lakes, CO

    Mt. Elbert Forebay

    Adjacent are three photos of a reservoir commonly referred to as "Forebay" by locals. According to my map, this reservoir is officially named Mt. Elbert Forebay. It is a "hidden lake" of sorts uphill and south of the popular two lakes comprising of Twin Lakes, Colorado.

    TOP: I love the reflection of the mountains in the water.

    MIDDLE: A slew of mountains show off their peaks facing toward the south of Forebay. (Quail Mountain, Mt. Hope Twin Peaks and Rinker Peak are a few.)

    BOTTOM: Quite a few people were fishing and picnicing in this general area of the lakeshore. I walked a short distance to snap this picture of the lake and mountains. :)

    Twin Lakes CO I drove more before turning back near this particular spot. Look at this beautiful view of Twin Lakes ... Ah, wouldn't it be nice to sit out there in the evening with a fire going in that firepit? :)

    View From Above: Mt. Elbert Forebay and Twin Lakes, Colorado (6/22/09)
    Twin Lakes, CO

    Above is a photo taken during my South Elbert hike, when I was on the ridge looking down at the lakes. I thought this photo might help with perspective for Mt. Elbert Forebay (left) and one of the Twin Lakes (right).

    Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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