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K1 Trail at Kodels Canyon - Fruita, Colorado

Devils Canyon Trailhead to K1 Trail and Base of Kodels Canyon; Orange Rock Scenery; Return on K7 Trail

Western Colorado Canyons and Trails
Kodels Canyon is the first major canyon outside of Colorado National Monument in Fruita, Colorado. It is part of a trails system for three successive canyons: Kodels Canyon, Devils Canyon and Flume Canyon. On this sunny morning in March, I hiked much of the K1 trail -- beginning at the Devils Canyon Trailhead -- then I went a short distance in Kodels Canyon before returning in a loop via the K7 trail.

Kodels Canyon Colorado
Not a shabby view of Kodels Canyon. So many canyons, so little time.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Cowboy Hat Tower, Colorado

Cowboy Hat Tower, CO

Hike and Trail Photos

March 31, 2013 - From the Devils Canyon Trailhead, I hiked toward the K1 trail. My first photo were focused on Cowboy Hat Tower to the right. There is also Imperial Rock and the D5 Trail that I've explored in this area.

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  • Fruita, Colorado The trail climbs for about a mile.

    At an overlook, I snapped this picture of Fruita (my home) with the Book Cliffs afar. Probably the most distinct landmark in Fruita is the grain elevator. :)

    K1 Trail Kodels Canyon

    K1 Trail Colorado

    Plenty of red rock scenery along the K1 trail.
    Kodels Canyon, Colorado At the mouth of Kodels Canyon.
    Opal Hill, Colorado


    For my return route, I took the K7 trail. The trails can be confusing, but Opal Hill (top) stood as my landmark, which is across the street from the trailhead. If you get lost, hike toward that small mountain. :)

    I also included a photo of the map at the trailhead. My route was counterclockwise.


    Scenery on the K1 Trail.

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