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Kansas High Point - Mount Sunflower (Elevation 4,309 Feet)

Our Photos and Video of Our Day-Long Adventure to Western Kansas - January 10, 2009

Mt. Sunflower, KS

The highest point in Kansas! Mount Sunflower, located in western Wallace County, is less a mountain and more a rolling hill on the Kansas plains. In fact, according to literature at the high point, a mountain can only be called such if there is a 2,000-foot elevation difference within a 10-20 mile radius. Whatever you want to call it, the Kansas High Point is a pretty spot and worth a visit.

Directions: We came from the south and those directions are simple. Approximately two miles west of Weskan, KS on Highway 40, turn north on a dirt road. There is signage for the turn. Continue north on the dirt road for eleven miles, then make a left (west) on another dirt road with signage. Travel for one mile and you will see the Mount Sunflower entrance on the right. If you are coming from the north (such as Burlington, CO, Kanorado, KS or Goodland, KS), there are farm dirt roads you'll need to travel if you don't want to come from the south.

Sometimes Kansas gets a bad rap. People equate it with flat and boring plains ... a vast sea of nothingness. Driving across Kansas on I-70 can understandably give that impression! Yet I really enjoyed my visit to the Kansas High Point; one has views of the wide open land. Mt. Sunflower is located on private property, and the special welcome given by the Harold Family (in written form and deeds) was quite evident. If you happen to be in the area, I recommend a visit to Mount Sunflower.

All the best, Steve

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Kansas Approaching the Kansas state line on I-40 eastbound.
Mt. Sunflower, KS

Kansas Dirt Road

Mt. Sunflower

It was 265 driving miles one way from my home in Buena Vista, CO to reach the high point. Once we crossed into Kansas, the excitement and anticipation grew ... to its highest point. How's that for a play on words? ;)

TOP: The view after initially turning north from Highway 40.

MIDDLE: Ahhhhh ... ya gotta love rural Kansas dirt roads! :)

BOTTOM: The entrance to Mt. Sunflower.

Kansas High Point

Mount Sunflower

And there it is! The Kansas High Point.
Kansas High Point Kansas High Point Notice the sunflower is made of railroad spikes. Also the sunflower on the right is made of some kind of machinery chain. Impressive artwork!
Standing at the high point, this is the view facing west. See the fence approximately 750 yards going horizontally across the photo? That is the border between Colorado and Kansas.
There is a log to sign inside the mailbox with literature Mount Sunflower. Click on either of the adjacent photos to see them at a larger size.
Kansas High Point

One table with a roof is nearby. If it is not too windy on the plains, this would make a great place to have a picnic.

Mt. Sunflower - My 15th High Point

Kansas High Point
From Kansas City to Wichita, from Manhattan to Liberal, from Garden City to Fort Scott, I stood above everyone in Kansas. I was so happy about that!

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  • Extra Photos From The Day

    The view of Mount Princeton as I traveled east, away from my town of Buena Vista.

    Mt. Princeton, CO
    I picked up Kyle and Lindsey and Hartsel, CO. We were hungry and couldn't resist a visit to the Dunkin Donuts in Colorado Springs. You can watch my YouTube video from out visit here. Dunkin Donuts
    As we returned from Kansas, the sunset over Pikes Peak was beautiful! Colorado Sunset
    To celebrate, Kyle, Lindsey and I dined at the Texas Roadhouse in Colorado Springs. This was my beautiful 12-ounce ribeye with mashed potatoes and green beans. :)

    Steak Dinner


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