J&R Vintage Autos - Rio Rancho, New Mexico

A Wonderful Classic Car Collection In New Mexico
February 2014 - I was traveling through New Mexico and stopped by J&R Vintage Autos in Rio Rancho. This is a 60+ car collection run by long-time residents in the Albuquerque area. Their specialty are antique cars made in the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s.

J&R Vintage Autos
If you're a classic car lover, this place is worthy of a visit.

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

1912 Buick In this section are cars that I especially liked. There is a photo gallery with a video for each of them.


1912 Buick Roadster - The "winner" if there was ever a contest with me. A 1912 Buick Roadster in a beautiful red color.

1923 Mack Truck 1923 Mack Truck - A beautiful red and white Mack truck.
1924 Marmon 1924 Marmon - Marmon was a car manufacturer that went under during the Great Depression.
1929 Packard Cabriolet 1929 Packard Cabriolet - The shades of green with orange spokes won my heart. And it's a Packard too. :)
1947 Lincoln Continental - A large hunk of metal and chrome! A luxurious 1947 Lincoln Continental.

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