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Steve Vies For Johnson Village, Colorado Mayor

(Chaffee County Hamlet Deserve "Fresh Leadership" and a "New Image" - November 21, 2009)

Johnson Village, CO

JOHNSON VILLAGE, CO - Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi is taking the next step in being a leader in his community. Today, as he stood in a grassy lot behind the Coyote Cantina Mexican Restaurant, Steve announced his candidacy for mayor of Johnson Village in next year's election.

Johnson Village (alt. 7,854 feet) is typically known as a "dot on the map" with a motel, two gas stations, a restaurant and a truck stop along the highway. Additionally, the view of Mt. Princeton and the Sawatch Mountains as one approaches Johnson Village is considered stunning.

"But the problem is there are others who only associate Johnson Village with the prison and a place to fill their tank with gas as they go to another destination. That's got to change and the change starts with me." contended Steve, as he wore a dark red Arkansas Razorbacks shirt.

Steve's qualifications include that he has hiked many mountains and obscure peaks east of Johnson Village. He also eats at the Coyote Cantina frequently. Furthermore, when Steve lived in Manitou Springs, the eccentric 30-something sat through countless boring city council meetings because he lacked a social life.

Steve offered three specific campaign positions that he intends to pursue if elected:

1) Have the prison inmates build a median in the center of the highway. They will care for and maintain flowers and other pretty seasonal plants.

2) Shoot off fireworks in the parking lot of the Gunsmoke Truck Stop on the first Saturday of every month.

3) Bring back the roulette wheel to the front room of the Coyote Cantina. (Currently the roulette wheel is located in the bar area in the back.)

Left Photo: The stunning view of Mt. Princeton seen from the highway in Johnson Village.

Johnson Village, Colorado Steve stated he will not spend any campaign money, and will rely on "word of mouth" to earn people's votes. He also intends to knock on the doors of all homes including each trailer in the large trailer home complex north of the highway.

Reactions about the news have varied among the public.

David Samuelson, a long-time resident who enjoys visiting this web site, stated "I don't think there's a man in our community who promotes this area as much as Steve. He'll put Johnson Village on the map."

Paul Forrest, a Johnson Village gas attendant seemed less enthused about Steve's candidacy. "Something bothers me about him. He's a flaky attention seeker like Sarah Palin, and he has an annoying personality that reminds me of Al Gore when he ran for President. I don't think I can vote for him."

Steve acknowledged he might not receive everyone's vote, but he stood firm in his optimism. "Let's put flowers in the center of the highway. Let's shoot fireworks at the truck stop. And let's bring the roulette wheel to it's rightful place in the front. I know we can make Johnson Village great again."

Photos of Johnson Village, Colorado
Johnson Village, Colorado
A view of the Gunsmoke Travel Plaza (the only truck stop in Chaffee County) with a mountain known as Triad Ridge in the background.
Johnson Village, Colorado
Highway 24 & 285 as seen from the west end of Johnson Village. This photo was taken during a hike of Limestone Ridge.
Johnson Village, CO
A beautiful view of Midland Hill with homes in the foreground.
Roulette Wheel
The one and only roulette wheel that is currently in the bar area of the Coyote Cantina ( For years, it was situated in the entrance room of the restaurant.