Iowa High Point - Hawkeye Point (Elevation 1,670 Feet)

Photos of Our Visit to Hawkeye Point in Northwest Iowa near Sibley - September 29, 2008

Iowa High Point Aaron Shupe and I had a good time at the Iowa High Point. I was passing through en route to Minnesota and Aaron (who hiked Mt. Kreutzer with me) was in the area. Feeling adventurous, we decided to visit Hawkeye Point, the highest natural point in Iowa.

Directions: This one is easy. From Sibley, Iowa, travel north on Highway 60 and the high point is a turn right (east). There is usually a large sign on each side of the highway, but the signs were non-existent during our visit. We later learned this was done by the Iowa State Highway Department due to construction. If the sign does not exist, simply turn east at the Osceola Water Tower. You will likely see the water tower and United States and Iowa flags on a tall flag pole.

Now it's true that I once broke down sobbing when I thought about Iowans who might live their entire lives in Iowa, for it seems like such a flat and scenery-deficient state. However, my visit to Iowa's high point changed my outlook. You folks in Iowa ought to be very proud of Hawkeye Point! If you are ever in northwest Iowa, you ought to visit this special place.


Hawkeye Point Iowa

Hawkeye Point Iowa High Point

Iowa Highest Point

There it is!

Hawkeye Point, the highest point in Iowa.

The cornfields surrounding the high point were unique ... and sooooooo Iowa. When I stood on my tippy toes and looked out, I captured a glimpse of the grand views.

Iowa Highest Point

Hawkeye Point

Special thanks to Aaron for coming along with me.

This was my ninth state high point. Some other high points I've visited:

  • New Jersey High Point
  • Louisiana High Point
  • Nebraska High Point
  • Connecticut High Point
  • North Dakota High Point
  • Maryland High Point
  • Oklahoma High Point
  • Delaware High Point
  • Iowa State Flag The United States and Iowa flags were hoisted on this windy afternoon.
    Farm Structure Iowa High Point

    Iowa Highest Point

    More views of the high point area and its farm structures. This small piece of land was once privately owned by the Sterler Farm, a farming family in northwest Iowa.

    Locals plan to build the high point area into an attraction. In the future, an artistic structure will be erected at the exact high point. A lookout tower is also in the long-term plans.

    Miscellaneous Iowa Photos

    We traveled north on Highway 60 past Sibley (top left) and could not find the Iowa High Point sign that is in so many other trip reports on the Internet. We were perplexed!

    We reached a construction road block on Highway 60 (bottom photo) and eventually we asked this friendly gentleman (top right) who sent us in the right direction.

    Highway 60 in Iowa Frontier Communications

    Road Closed

    Once again, if the signs are non-existent on Highway 60, turn off at the Osceola County water tower. Iowa Highest Point

    Hawkeye Point

    I walked inside a nearby cornfield. Aaron informed me this is corn that is likely grown to create ethanol. It is not for human consumption or cattle feed. Corn For Ethanol Corn
    I've always loved hanging out in cornfields.

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