Tribute To My Intellivision Set

Photos of the Intellivision Video Games In My Childhood Home - December 2006

Me Playing Intellivision! :)
Special thanks to Mom and Dad for buying us this Intellivision set.
I'm not sure what we would have done as kids without it! :p)

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Intellivision Unit Intellivision Control
During a visit to New Jersey, I made a tribute to the Intellivision set in my childhood home! :)
Intellivision Games
Intellivision Cartridges
Back in the late 1970's to the mid 1980's, Atari and Intellivision were the two popular home video games. At our house, we had a full array of Intellivision games!
Intellivision Star Strike Intellivision Baseball
Space Armada Intellivision Auto Racing
Here were some of the first games produced by Intellivision: Star Strike (top left), Baseball (top right), Space Armada (bottom left) and Auto Racing (bottom right).

Intellivision Lock N Chase I spent a lot of time playing Lock N Chase, which was Intellivision's version of "Pac-Man" back then.
Intellivision Popeye
Intellivision Beauty and the Beast
Intellivision Pitfall
Other games that came out in the early to mid-1980's: Popeye (top), Beauty & The Beast (middle) and Pitfall (bottom).

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