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INDEPENDENCE PASS! Photos of Snow, Mountains and High Country Flowers - May 28, 2006

Independence Pass
Independence Pass
This afternoon I took a leisurely afternoon drive to the Independence Pass summit.

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  • Independence Pass It was actually snowing a bit although it's tough to pick up from the photos. There was lots of snow out there too!
    Independence Pass There are two really nice scenic lookouts. In this shot, notice Independence Pass Road in the bottom right of the photo. That'll give you an idea of the depth! ;)
    Independence Pass Looking out towards the main valley that leads to the east side of the pass.
    Rocky Mountains Well, if you like snow ... :p)
    Pitkin County, Colorado
    Here are two shots looking on the west side of the pass. The highway leads to the ski town of Aspen and other points in Pitkin County.
    It was nice to get out!

    Now there was still plenty of snow on the ground, but amazingly, there were areas where high country flowers were growing! Nice! :)
    Independence Pass Road One photo coming back down. Notice the snow drifts! It's not different that Cottonwood Pass up here! :)

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